OSRP's work with RPIC (Registered Psychotherapist Insurance Committee)

"Are you covered?"

That is one of the first questions a client asks when they reach out for therapy. Unfortunately, it's not a question RPs can answer because it's not our choice who covers us. That coverage decision belongs to insurers and employee-benefits programs. And most employee-benefits programs don't cover psychotherapists. The reasons for our exclusion are historical, not rational.

Although psychotherapy is not a new field, it has not yet received recognition from insurers and employee-benefits plans that social workers and psychologists get. Clients who may benefit enormously from psychotherapy might not be able to afford it if their benefits plan does not cover it.

Thankfully, that landscape is changing due to the tireless work of RPIC, along with the equally tireless work of OSRP Board member, Bill McLaughlin, who sits on an RPIC committee that's in discussion with the WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board).

What RPIC is undertaking currently

  • RPIC is expanding its strategic approach to include social media; This approach expands access to workers and key decision makers to promote the inclusion of psychotherapists in benefits packages
  • RPIC has also been attending conferences sponsored by insurance companies by HR professionals
  • The RPIC website is being updated and translated into French

OSRP's work with RPIC and the WSIB

OSRP's Board member, Bill McLaughlin, and OCCAAP's, Natalie Haynes, are representing RPIC in working  toward getting RPs registered as providers with the WSIB. The WSIB insures 5.2 million workers in Ontario, all of which are exposed to varying degrees of mental health risks associated with work. From experiencing harassment, to first-responder PTSD, the WSIB now has policies and programs in place to support workers.

For the past two years, Bill and Natalie  have been in discussions with the director of health services and his team at WSIB to find where to incorporate RPs into WSIB's mental health programs. Bill and Natalie have developed an excellent rapport with the WSIB, leading to continued meetings and, hopefully, exciting news in the near future.


Below are three key PDF documents that Bill and Natalie provided to the WSIB to help them understand the nature and power of psychotherapy. Please feel free to use these for your own purposes as well.

  1. WSIB meeting document in which RPIC answers questions about psychotherapy and its efficacy.
  2. APA Resolution Recognition of Psychotherapy Effectiveness
  3. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry: Mental Disorder Symptoms Among Saftey Personnel in Canada

We would love to hear your thoughts on the OSRP's/RPIC's work with the WSIB! You can post a comment in the comment boxes below.


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