Letter to the CRPO about the new proposed by-law regarding posting registration history

Advocacy is paramount to our work at the OSRP. When we read in the CRPOCommuniqué of March 11 about the proposed by-law to post members’ registration history on the public register, we swung into action.

The CRPO by-law information
At the March 1, 2019 CRPO Council Meeting, it was proposed that the by-law pertaining to posting registration history on the public register be amended. The amendment proposed that past suspensions for non-payment of annual fees be published and left on the register indefinitely. The CRPO claims that this publication of past arrears helps to protect the public interest.

The CRPO put out a 60-day consultation to the public. This consultation asked CRPO members and other stakeholders for their feedback on this by-law amendment. This and other stakeholder consultations are required when a by-law is being amended.

The OSRP’s advocacy on this proposed by-law amendment
We feel that what goes on the public register needs to be balanced with the circumstances and testimony of Registered Psychotherapists. The good news is that the CRPO is looking for front-line experiences from RPs to guide them in how to administer this and other by-laws. If you sent your individual thoughts, questions and concerns on this by-law to the CRPO via the Survey Monkey link they sent out, you can be sure that your opinions will be documented and considered by the by-law task group and eventually posted on the CRPOwebsite.

In addition to your individual comments, the OSRP worked with The Partnership of Registered Psychotherapist Associations (PRPA) to draft a letterto the CRPO with questions and concerns about this proposed by-law. The letter is linked here for your reference. Submitting our feedback collectively adds strength and influence on behalf of all RPs in Ontario.

We would love to hear your feedback on our work with the CRPO about this proposed by-law. We invite you to start or join a conversation on our group email, OSRP Connect. If you have not yet joined OSRP Connect, click here to join. Or send your responses to our president, Claire Watson, at president@psychotherapyontario.org. Or make a comment below in the comment boxes.


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