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The OSRP’s top priority is to represent our members’ voices in all our advocacy. But it’s just as important for you to speak out about what matters to you as RPs affected by CRPO proposals and regulations. 

In July of 2019, the CRPO created a new proposal for police record checks as part of the CRPO application.

For now, these proposed checks are for new RPs, but it may be considered for existing RPs in the future.

The OSRP responded swiftly to the public consultation with questions and a request to extend the deadline (originally September 3 and now October 3, thanks to our request).

As we -- RPs and our associations -- develop a natural give-and-take with our college, we want to help them understand who we are, how we benefit the field, and what we believe we offer that can make psychotherapy safe and helpful for everyone.

Speak here: The consultation has space for you to make comments here (scroll past the first consultation).

How did the OSRP respond to the public consultation on police record checks?

Our president, Claire Watson, wrote a letter to the CRPO asking the following questions (excerpted from her letter). These may help you in formulating your own reply to the CRPO’s online questionnaire.

“[So] far, the CRPO has taken us at our word around declaring our police record on our applications.

  • Why no longer and why now?
  • What will this add to the cost of our registration?
  • Do other colleges require police record checks?
  • Police record checks are required for certain jobs, but not for admission to one’s profession.
    • If an applicant has a police record, how might that be taken into account?
  • Where is this new regulation coming from — is it just CRPO or is CRPO mandated to do this because of new regulations from the Ministry?”

Do other Colleges require police record checks as part of their application process?

Some do. But the ones most closely related to what we do as RPs don’t: the College of Psychologists and the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers do not require police record checks.

But there are 28 colleges, many of whom do require police record checks.

What will it cost to do a police record check on top of registration costs at the CRPO?

We are not sure, but here is our preliminary research into it:

Why we need your voice on the public consultation survey — it only takes minutes!

Very few people filled out the survey in the Draft Regulation Defining “Client” for Sexual Abuse Provision consultation. To date, the number of responses from RPs to the CRPO surveys ranges from 25-100. Yet there are approximately 7,000 RPs now registered with the College. We get it. Surveys are a pain. They look like they will take time and thought. But they are a powerful way to make ourselves heard. And they may be a vital way of protecting ourselves in our practices. 

The OSRP continues to write letters to the CRPO on our members’ behalf regarding proposals for which we have questions. But that may not be enough. Your individual voice on the surveys would make a huge difference. Not only is more better, but specific voices are better. When you read the therapist comments in past consultations , you can see the rich territory of thought RPs bring to the table, hopefully creating helpful communications that foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the CRPO and RPs in Ontario.

We cannot say it enough: your voice matters. We hope you take a few minutes to visit the public consultations page and fill out the survey with your questions and comments.

We’d love to hear from you! Please comment in the comments boxes below!

With gratitude,

The OSRP Board

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