The Registered Psychotherapists Insurance Committee (RPIC) has been in ongoing talks with the WSIB for inclusion of Registered Psychotherapists in their mental health programs over the last two years. The successful outcome of these talks is getting very close to fruition.

On October 18, 2019, RPIC representatives – led by our own board member, Bill McLaughlin, along with OAMHP’s* (formerly OACCPP), Natalie Haynes – presented new and crucial information needed to further the step of defining the competencies and scope of practice of Registered Psychotherapists. Specifically, the ability to provide WSIB clients with assessment and treatment for the entire spectrum of work-related mental health issues, from acute to severe and persistent.

The WSIB is looking at pathways to include RPs in their Community Health Programs. These programs,which include Traumatic Mental Stress, Chronic Mental Stress, PTSD (first-responder program), and the Psycho-Traumatic Mental Stress program, are offered through an online database of mental health professionals registered with WSIB. RPIC is pushing for Registered Psychotherapists to be integral psychotherapy providers. Bill and Natalie highlighted for the WSIB that RPs are the only regulated health professionals with a stated commitment in their competencies to work with other health professionals. This commitment aligns with the WSIB’s aim to provide multidisciplinary and integrated health care.

The discussion between RPIC and the WSIB around inclusion on this database has involved developing criteria to register as a provider, education on WSIB programs for registrants, and online documentation templates. Education would focus on assessment requirements, WSIB treatments objectives, and return-to-work protocols.

The meeting ended with the creation of potential pathways for RPs to register. The WSIB will review these models and will meet again with the RPIC representatives in December to further refine and decide on a model. 

The inclusion of RPs into WSIB’s database of health professionals should happen early in the New Year of 2020. You’ll be the first to know when the time comes to celebrate this big milestone.  


*The Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals, formerly the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists

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