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Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists

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To represent the interests of psychotherapists, to advance the standards of psychotherapy practice and to promote effective and efficient service.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the nucleus of the OSRP Board of Directors. Members of the Executive Committee include the Chair, Vice-Chair, Past-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary of the OSRP Board, and any Board members and any other members in good standing that the Executive may, from time to time, appoint.

The Executive Committee provides a concentrated administrative function for the OSRP Board. Each month, it reviews the past and planned work of the Board. It also receives and discusses any pressing issues that have suddenly emerged from inside or outside the organization. With this information, the Executive Committee sets priorities and plans the agenda for the upcoming Board meeting. It reports to the Board its recommendations concerning any significant action or policy that is not part of another committee’s work to bring forward or to carry out.

Advocacy Committee

Chair: Rachel Fulford

This committee advocates on issues that benefit and impact Registered Psychotherapists as a whole.

GST/HST Task Force
Chair: Andrea D'Onofrio

The work of this task force falls under the Advocacy Committee. Working together as a grassroots effort, as well as collaboratively with other stakeholders, to remove the GST/HST on services provided by counsellors and psychotherapists.  A major focus of our current work is now directed at supporting Bill C-218 to amend the Excise Tax Act to remove the tax on psychotherapy/counselling services.

PRPA Sub-Committee

This is a subcommittee of the Advocacy Committee. Its responsibilities are to liaise with PRPA (Partnership of Registered Psychotherapist Associations) and the GEWG (Government Engagement Working Group).

Committee members attend PRPA & GEWG meetings to represent the interests of the OSRP and its members, and inform/advise the Executive and Advocacy Committees about potential areas of focus.

PRPA is a collective of Ontario associations joined in discussion regarding advocacy issues as they emerge for Ontario Registered Psychotherapists. The goal of the PRPA is to strengthen the profession of Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario by responding to and advocating for issues pertaining to the practice of psychotherapy.

Connect Committee

Chair: Nikki Bianchi

The Connect Committee is the communication arm of the OSRP Board. It ensures that our members are kept up to date on all things that benefit them and their practices, including: health benefits, professional development opportunities and supports, such as our Mentorship Program, advocacy, important CRPO updates, relevant events, and more.

We connect our members directly to each other and foster community through a variety of channels including our listserv, blog and social media, to assist prospective clients in finding a therapist and to help therapists find a warm, safe and professional home.

Mentorship Program Sub-Committee

Chair: Liane Wood

This committee oversees the development, launch and continued growth of OSRP’s Mentorship Program.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Interim Chair: Kimberly Cato

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee understands that multiple approaches and points of view make up the core values of the practice of psychotherapy. It also understands that exclusion and racism are systemic in our culture and have affected our practices in deeply embedded, often unconscious ways. The committee, therefore, aims to ensure that residents of Ontario, including our most marginalized, vulnerable populations, are able to confidently and safely access the highest standards of therapeutic care available.

And we intend to make sure that our practitioners receive as much insight and support as they need in order to bring their empowered, full and authentic selves to the conversation. This pioneering initiative of the OSRP holds anti-racism, anti-oppression and social responsibility as its defining ideals.

Finance Committee

Chair: Liane Wood

This committee prepares the annual budget to present to the OSRP board for approval, reviews and makes recommendations on the financial policies and procedures of OSRP.

OSRP/CRPO Committee

Chair: Sarah Posh

The purpose of the committee is to create open dialogue and communication between the OSRP and CRPO in regards to member questions, areas of concern or clarification and so forth. As CRPO is the governing body for psychotherapists, it is important that we maintain a co-operative relationship with the CRPO through ongoing, open communication, while also ensuring that the needs/concerns of our members are addressed.

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