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Clinical Supervision With Towards Independent Practice

Tue, November 15, 2022 5:53 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

Towards Independent Practice offers clinical psychotherapy supervision as part of the suite of services and training available to interns, new graduates, and seasoned therapists.

Calling all Interns: Interns require one hour of clinical supervision per week throughout their internship. All our supervisors are registered with Yorkville University, and familiar with Yorkville’s requirements.

New Graduates: As a qualifying member of CRPO, a graduate psychotherapist is required to get one hour of clinical supervision per four to five hours of client contact time. The average graduate psychotherapist in Ontario will require regular weekly supervision until they have become a registered psychotherapist with the CRPO.

Seasoned Therapists: Once registered, supervision drops to one hour of clinical supervision after ten client contact hours, and this must continue until 1000 hours of client contact hours have been reached.

All applicants to CRPO must complete at least 50 percent of their supervision hours in individual or dyadic forms, and the other 50 percent can be in group form. Towards Independent Practice offers the full range of options.

      Group Psychotherapy Supervision | 2 Hours $95 plus HST

      Dyadic Psychotherapy Supervision | 1 Hour $80 plus HST

       Individual Psychotherapy Supervision | 1 Hour $130 plus HST

We have brought in the best supervisors in Ontario to help you with your supervision. All the supervisors on our team have extensive experience. Check out the team.

Booking supervision could not be easier. To book your sessions, head over to Towards Independent Practice and book your supervision today.

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