Dawn Binkowski, RP


Dawn Binkowski is a graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Toronto psychotherapist training program and started her private practice in 2005.

While she has taken numerous workshops and trainings since then, her work has been significantly informed by a two-year training program in Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy with Ruella Frank, Ph.D. As a result of Dawn’s previous career as a court reporter, she was well suited for, and frequently works with, people who have been charged with a first-time criminal offence as well as clients referred through Victim Services.

Seminar Description

From Conversation to Client: June 8, 2022

Almost every time you talk to someone, there is the opportunity to get a new client. Using a combination of didactic and experiential approaches, learn how to give others a sense of what working with you will be like.

The formation of the therapeutic alliance begins at first contact and this workshop will help you create a safe, respectful, well-boundaried foundation for both you and your potential new client.