Jennifer Drummond


Jennifer Drummond is the Founder and President of Racial Lens, an equity and inclusion consulting service with a twist. Combining lived experience, training as a psychotherapist and extensive skill as both a creator and facilitator of training, Racial Lens provides a way of teaching about equity and inclusion designed to deepen understanding.  The client-centred approach Racial Lens uses is to teach intersectionality of social justice issues with authenticity, focusing on anti-racism as a base. Our goal is to give our clients the information and tools to become co-conspirators (active allies), without using shame or guilt.

Seminar Description

Equity and Inclusion 101 for Therapists: September 21, 2022

      During this introductory workshop, participants will gain a basic understanding of many of the concepts of equity and inclusion work. They will also gain practical tools for psychotherapists, which will help them personally as well as those working with clients who identify as being members of a marginalized group.

      Participants will also develop an awareness of the importance of examining their own implicit biases and how to continue their journey toward self-discovery so they can better serve all of their clients. There will be opportunities for interactive learning and to ask questions anonymously.