Attilio Di Nunno


Attilio Di Nunno has over 10 years experience working in marketing, advertising, sales and business development. He has served hundreds of mental health practices since 2018 through his company Therapy Flow and has been acclaimed as pivotal in the growth of five-, six-, seven- and even eight-figure practices.

Delivering supreme clarity and focus without the riffraff, shiny objects, or uncertainty that may come with other coaches or marketing companies.

Featured in FOX, CNN, NBC and more.

Seminar Description

Having an Ongoing Marketing Plan: December 14, 2022

      1. Don’t Survive, Thrive. Measurably improve your practice without incrementally increasing resources and time spent. Why this is not just needed, why it is VITAL to survive.
      2. Call to action to take what is learned here and apply it!!
      3. My credentials to buy into what I'm saying. Why they should care about me — delivering this info — now.
      4. Success Stories & Results. If they can do it, so can you!
      5. The 3 Big Pillars for an ongoing-marketing plan
        a)     Data
        b)     Plan
        c)     Execute
      6. Mindset — stay consistent, execute and innovate. This will make you win!
      7. How to get “My Guarantee” (stay on top of changing markets — don’t just survive, thrive — all while saving time, cutting costs, staying laser focused and being certain you are making the right decisions) RECAP
      8. Additional Resources
      9. Q&A