Avi Zer-Aviv, RP


Avi Zer-Aviv, RP, is a life-long student of the mystery that is mind-body, in private practice for the last 8 years.

Avi’s background includes studying Eastern medicine & mindfulness in Asia, working in the holistic health field, completing a degree in Conflict Studies at the University of Waterloo, working as a frontline community worker in Toronto for 11 years, and an ongoing passion for nature, poetry and classical guitar.

Avi works with many artists and creative folks looking to embody their potentials. He has also focused on the cultural epidemic of pornography overuse, creating a self-help site devoted to non-shaming and holistic approaches to this issue.

Seminar Description

Finding Your Niche: March 8, 2023

      Joseph Campbell famously coined the expression, “Follow your bliss.” This has become a compass and guidepost for many seeking their unique individual expression. But how do you know what your individual bliss is? And how does this relate to working with specific niche of practice/focus in psychotherapy? 

      Common knowledge suggests exploring multiple areas of interest until we discover which one(s) resonate most with our individual self. While this is a valuable pursuit and holds much merit, it leaves out an essential question: “What is looking for you?”

      Cultivating skills of curiosity, receptivity and self-trust, we can learn to listen for our bliss not only through the analytical cognitive mind, but also through our deeper “wisdom body” or — to use psychological language — allowing the unconscious to speak to us.

      This webinar works with all of these mentioned themes, using both active and receptive approaches to align us with more joy, meaning and fulfillment in our unfolding journeys as practitioners.