André Brown and Joana Nyambura


André O. Brown is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at a Canadian technology company, and a therapist in training. With 20 years of experience in information technology, André has worn a diversity of hats — from core software engineering to technology innovation and thought leadership. His expertise spans several industries internationally, including retail and hospitality, healthcare, banking and government.

In his current role as CTO (previously VP, Software), André heads up multiple technology teams and masterminds solutions for consumer and commercial applications.

André has combined his passions for IT and mental health by pursuing a Master's in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University and is an OSRP student member.


Joana Nyambura is a digital marketing enthusiast, aspiring Ruby programmer and amateur dancer.

As a Digital Marketing and Communications Consultant, Joana helps small- and medium-sized businesses address today's challenges with digital-first solutions. Having almost a decade of experience, she combines her MBA and expertise in marketing and communication to create data-driven digital campaigns across email, website, social media and digital advertising platforms.

Joana's projects and clients have come from various walks of life, including political campaigns, non-profits, real estate firms, financial advisors, visual artists and more. She is a volunteer assessor with the McCall MacBain Foundation and a member of Obsidi by BPTN.

Seminar Description

Everything Websites and Social Media: January 11, 2023

      CRPO Standards related to advertising and representation of yourself and services online (on your website and on social media platforms)
      • Maintaining truthfulness, factuality and clarity online
      • Avoiding promises, superlatives and fear
      • Presenting education, qualifications, philosophy and areas of practice
      • Testimonials and reviews

      CRPO Competencies regarding legal and professional obligations when doing business online

      • Federal and provincial legislation related to Privacy, Email and SMS Communication
      • The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) legislation and standard relevant to doing business online
      • Policies and practices for management of websites and social media presence
      • Municipal and local bylaws that are relevant for therapists with online presence

      Choosing a Website Platform

      • Factors to consider
      • Who will manage and update content
      • Security and software updates
      • Cost
      • Data residency
      • Migrating to a new platform
      • Website Platforms
      • Doing it yourself with out-of-the box platforms vs. custom site
      • Using agencies for website development
      • Hosting Providers
      • Selecting the right hosting services for your needs

      Building Your Website

      • Website development
      • Content writing
      • SEO
      • CRM/forms Integration
      • Social media integration

      Choosing The Right Social Media Platforms

      • Benefits and challenges of social media
      • Roundup of popular social media platforms
      • Pros and cons for therapists

      Building Your Social Media Profiles

      • Social media for personal vs business use
      • Best practices for bios and profile photos
      • Activism and community building

      Maintaining Your Social Media Presence

      • Content calendar development and scheduling
      • Organic growth tactics
      • Advertising and lead generation within the constraints of CRPO standards

      Online Security

      • Password management
      • Multi-factor authentication

      Learning Outcomes

      1. Explain to website developers and social media managers CRPO standards relevant to online presence as a psychotherapist
      2. Demonstrate competency in compliance with the legal and professional obligations of a psychotherapist while operating online
      3. Learn important factors to consider when choosing website platforms and hosting
      4. Understand the benefits and challenges inherent to the use of social media in business
      5. Recognizing the difference between personal and business social media accounts
      6. Recognize the importance of online security