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Ethics questions and concerns, contact the Ethics Committee, confidentially, at Please do not use full names in order to protect confidentiality. Questions can be stated in a hypothetical manner or people can be referred to by initials.

CRPO COMPLAINT — What Should I do?

If you receive a CRPO complaint, you should inform McFarlan Rowlands (or your professional liability insurer if you are with a different company).

If your liability insurance is through McFarland Rowlands, contact them and ask for the contact information of the lawyer representing OSRP.
Heather Gimson, CAIB
Commercial Account Manager
Direct Line: 519-913-3137 xt 1455


The Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists is committed to the continuing development of ethically responsible and self-reflective psychotherapists. Our membership is comprised of a variety of unique and diversely oriented psychotherapists who come together to share ethical principles by which we identify ourselves.

Members of OSRP

  • conduct their professional practices with honesty and integrity;
  • maintain privacy and confidentiality with respect to their clients;
  • maintain the therapeutic relationship without exploiting it for social, personal, or financial gain;
  • maintain awareness of the impact of their behaviour both during the course of therapy and afterward, and avoid any action that uses the imbalance of power to exploit the client for their own personal ends;
  • commit themselves to the evolving process of ethical thinking and to finding ethical solutions to problematic situations;
  • assume responsibility for their own emotional, mental, and physical health;
  • are responsive to the community and the society in which they work and live, and they contribute to their communities in ways consistent with their skills and interests;
  • recognize and respect the diversity to be found among themselves and clients and uphold the value of freedom of expression
  • recognize and respect that their diverse personalities, styles and training backgrounds contribute to positive therapeutic opportunities for clients and to the growth of the profession as a whole;
  • recognize the value of constructive dissent to enhance both clinical research and professional development and work professionally, critically and creatively with the inherent tensions to which such dissent challenges them.

OSRP members are bound by the Professional Practice Standards of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. If a therapist belongs to another college, they will be bound by the standards of that college.

When there is a difference between the OSRP's Code of Ethics and the CRPO's Code of Ethics/Practice Standards, the CRPO's Code of Ethics and Practice Standards have jurisdiction over Students, RPs and RP(Q)s.
  1. CRPO's Code of Ethics 
  2. CRPO'S Professional Practice Standards for Registered Psychotherapists 

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