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Review of Competency-Based Case Study Workbook and Exclusive Prep Notes for CBA

Tue, May 09, 2023 12:41 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

The CRPO has posted five new practice CBA questions here, in addition to the five previously available: They have also added more detailed explanations for each option, to better explain the rationale behind the ranking.

They have also highlighted key resources for CBA prep, or simply to help all registrants understand the standards, and how to apply them to your practice. 

These resources have been shared with all PRPA member associations, including the OSRP.  Click HERE for two key documents.

The “COMPETENCY-BASED CASE STUDY WORKBOOK for ENTRY-TO-PRACTICE PSYCHOTHERAPISTS” was developed with a company called Compass which developed the Exam for non-grandparented RP(Q)s and RPs to take. The workbook is also helpful to review, or read for the first time, when approaching the CBA. 

So is this document exclusively available to members of The Partnership of Registered Psychotherapist Associations (PRPA)  of which the OSRP is a dues-paying and Voting Member:

“PRPA Study Notes, For the May 2023 QAEP-CBA Sitting:  An Assessment of Our Knowledge as Good Enough Therapists & Helpful Hints on How to Do the Ranking”

Each month, the OSRP will highlight more key Practice Review documents that may be useful to members sitting for CBA, or simply for those of us wanting the opportunity to review.

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