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February is Black History Month

Tue, February 20, 2024 1:21 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

Black History Month Experience

By: Kimberly Cato, Past Chair

I have always had mixed feelings about Black History Month (it being the shortest, coldest month of the year and all) but I cannot be silent about the opportunity it gives me to revel in the Beauty & Excellence of my Blackness, as seen on the social media pages of SO many people, other than just myself.


“Yes I’m Black, I’m proud of it, I’m Black and Beautiful!” as heralded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I hold this declaration as my badge of truth but not just for the 28 days of February –– these words are my heart’s cry 365 days of every single year.

The month is short, but the momentum is tremendous with new daily discoveries of heroic, innovative, revolutionary achievements of Black People whose contributions to the betterment of humanity are often unknown, buried, and invisible –– by design. The first week or two of February, I am usually just blessed by the things I learn about my Blackness and the contributions of my people, but by the third week of February, I am irritated at best and highly agitated. I question how it is possible, year after year, that there remains more to learn about our greatness and how these lessons of Black Excellence are not taught as common curricula in classrooms or universities. Our stories –– which are too often secretly shared and inevitably challenged, debated, and argued as inciting shame, discomfort, and harm toward those sitting comfortably as the status quo –– must be intentionally sought.

 By the end of February, I am inevitably exhausted and in desperate need of grounding, community, and restoration.

With increased awareness of my tendency to spiral in despair because of BHM, I proactively engage in activities that speak directly to issues related to Black Mental Health. TAIBU Community Health Centre is a multidisciplinary, non-for-profit, community led organization established to serve the Black Community across the Greater Toronto Area as its priority population. TAIBU CHC celebrates Black Mental Health Week in March with events designed to raise awareness, eradicate stigma of Black Mental Health, confront Anti-Black Racism, and build community.

This year, TAIBU CHC has many events planned in honour of Black Mental Health Week that may be of interest to anyone engaged or invested in the work of Black Liberation and Mental Health.

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