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Update From the April 12 Special Session of the Membership

Tue, April 23, 2024 12:04 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

OSRP held a Special Session of the Members on April 12 to vote on proposed changes to our constitution and by-laws.

The following motions were approved:
  1. Electronic voting
  2. Proxy voting

Electronic Voting

We can now implement electronic voting to ensure we hear from all members. You have the option to have your voice heard! The platform will allow members to cast their votes through secure and verified means.

Electronic Voting By-law

9.2 Electronic Voting Implementation - The Corporation shall adopt electronic voting methods for By-laws, elections of new slates, and the election of new Board of Directors members. The electronic voting platform shall allow members to cast their votes remotely through secure and verified means, ensuring a fair and transparent voting process.

9.3 Pro-Democracy Measures - The introduction of electronic voting aligns with the Corporation's commitment to democracy, inclusivity, and member engagement. This contemporary approach aims to provide every member with a direct say in the decision-making process.

9.4 Interim Board of Directors Elections - The adoption of electronic voting also enables the Corporation to conduct elections for new Board of Directors members in between Annual General Meetings without the necessity of convening a special meeting of the members. This facilitates the timely filling of vacant Board of Directors positions and the continued effective governance of the Corporation.

Proxy Voting

The process of proxy voting shall be revised to ensure that members are fully informed about how their proxies will be voted. Members shall be required to indicate their voting preferences on the proxy form, specifying how their proxy shall cast their vote on each matter.

Proxy Voting By-law

9.1 Proxy Voting Process - The process of proxy voting shall be revised to ensure that members are fully informed about how their proxies will be voted. Members shall be required to indicate their voting preferences on the proxy form, specifying how their proxy shall cast their vote on each matter.

Thank you to all members who attended or submitted their proxy votes, allowing us to vote on these important by-laws.

The meeting was recorded. Click here to access the link to the video.

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