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PS Protect Seminar #3: Cyber-Therapy July 6

Tue, June 27, 2023 8:09 AM | OSRP (Administrator)

Lawrence Murphy, MA, Counselling Psychology, and Instructor, Department of Psychology, Wilfrid Laurier University. Lawrence Murphy is the founder of Worldwide Therapy Online, the world’s first online clinical practice, established in 1994.


Starting to transition back to in-person therapy? Continuing online but wondering about the impacts on you and your practice? Have you noticed yourself inviting some clients to in person and not others? What are the ethics of this?

What kind of social media messages should you be posting publicly? How do you interpret or document if a client adds a  or a  to you  to your text or post? What if you find out the other player in a multiplayer game is your client? What happens when your client Googles you and wants to talk about your past? This seminar Zooms in on the difficult ethical and therapeutic questions we all face in this challenging time of continuous online presence.

CYBER THERAPY: PROTECTING OUR PROFESSIONAL IMAGE, ENSURING BOUNDARIES AND CONFIDENTIALITY on July 6 from 5-7 p.m. brings you an incredibly engaging expert on these topics, Lawrence Murphy.

Lawrence brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and a great sense of humour to everything he does. Bring your anxieties, concerns, hopes and clinical questions because we are planning for a lot of Q&A. Think of Lawrence as your “cyber-supervisor” for the day, and join us in community as we enhance our practice with someone who has been there, has done the research and hard thinking about these new issues that most of us were never trained to handle. Register HERE.

THANK YOU to the 144 registered members — your support makes it possible to continue offering these programs.

To attend/receive materials for all five PS: protect yourself Protect Seminars, if you would appreciate financial support and identify as BIPOC, please email

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