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“Online is a Space” — Remote Therapy Guidance from Expert

Tue, July 18, 2023 1:39 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

With 147 already registered in the PS: Protect Seminar series, organizers headed into the third event with great expectations, which were exceeded by Lawrence Murphy’s informative and energizing Zoom presentation on July 7th. To quote Murphy: “This is not simply a modality. This is a place. It’s a space…and each online space has its own culture. If you don’t know the culture of this place, if it doesn’t feel authentic or natural to you,” Murphy advises caution and professional restraint.

Even those of us who thought we understood all regulations and best practices for ethical, safe and effective online therapy learned how to enhance our work. This is absolutely a must-see, including the excellent questions brought forward by our astute and curious members.

“I was blown away, and I really hope many more OSRP members will sign up and watch this particular video,” said Alethia Cadore, RP and Chair of the Protect SubCommittee. “I don’t want anyone to miss out on important tips for your practice, especially as many of us navigate the possibility of returning to (some) in-person work while managing online reputations, communications and self-care.”

A few of the topics covered in the seminar, co-presented by Jane, the therapy app:}

  • Virtual Safety Plan
  • Navigating Dual Relationships (Clients on Peloton, Multi-Player Game, VR Space, etc.)
  • Dis-Inhibition in Online Spaces
  • Privacy Issues with Various Platforms
  • Safety Considerations re: Texting — even re: Scheduling Changes
  • The Hand Signal That Your Client Could Learn to Make When in Danger: Described Here
  • The 20-20-20 Rule to Protect Your Eyes
  • Comments Sections: Hidden Dangers
  • Creating Safe Boundaries Around Online Work (e.g., not answering client emails in your PJs)
  • Having a Clear Start and End to Your Day

It’s not too late to register HERE and watch all three seminars, including CYBER THERAPY: PROTECTING OUR PROFESSIONAL IMAGE, ENSURING BOUNDARIES AND CONFIDENTIALITY, on your timetable.

To quote Lawrence Murphy: “[With remote therapy,] the pain enters our sanctuary…I want you to model self-care for your clients.”

To attend/receive materials for all five PS: protect yourself Protect Seminars, if you would appreciate financial support and identify as BIPOC, please email

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