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  • Tue, March 14, 2023 10:39 AM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    The Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists (OSRP) calls on Government to Take Action now that three parties have expressed support

    The Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists (OSRP) calls on Government to Take Action now that three parties have expressed support

    TORONTO, March 15, 2023 — An association of 1,200+ psychotherapists across Ontario calls on the federal government to remove the inequitable GST/HST requirement for counselling therapists and psychotherapists by immediately passing legislation to make therapy services tax-free in Canada. 

    This month, bipartisan calls to end the bureaucratic semantics behind this tax have reached a crescendo of consensus. 

    The March 2023 FINA Report from the Standing Committee on Finance, Chaired by Liberal MP Peter Fonseca, recommends that the Minister of Finance: "Exempt counselling therapy and psychotherapy from the application of GST/HST."

    On March 9 2023, MP Stephen Ellis, Conservative Shadow Minister for Health, introduced his own Bill C-323 to exempt all mental health professionals from GST/HST. As he noted, “It makes no sense for psychotherapists and mental health counsellors to be subjected to this kind of taxation when physicians, psychiatrists, registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, and social workers are all exempt.” 

    In December 2021, a bill was tabled by NDP MP Lindsay Mathyssen to amend the Excise Tax Act and make psychotherapy services tax free — Bill C-218 — but a budgetary bill also must be tabled to make the change, something noted in the Coalition’s petition, signed by nearly 14,500 Canadians, and tabled this past March 6. The government has 45 business days from the tabling of the petition to respond in writing, but the Coalition hopes for action, not just more words, as soon as possible. 

    “Now more than ever, Canadians deserve a mental health care system that provides them with the resources and supports they need in an accessible, and affordable fashion,” said Ms. Mathyssen. “I am pleased to be sponsoring a Bill to make that a reality, and to be supporting this campaign.”

    Members of three national parties appear to have aligned on this issue. As noted in Ellis’ announcement: “According to Health Canada statistics, nearly one-quarter of Canadians over the age of fifteen self-report having unmet mental health needs. The services of a psychotherapist or a mental health counsellor are just as important to the health of Canadians and their families as those of a nurse or family doctor.”

    And the toll of mental illness is an economic one as well. The Mental Health Commission of Canada estimates that the economic cost of those living with untreated mental health struggles is more than $50 billion annually.

    “Increasing access to mental health services by eliminating this tax will result in saving far more money than would be taken out of the GST/HST revenue,” says Dr. Natasha Tuletta-Bowman, Co-Chair of the OSRP’s Advocacy Committee.

    “Given everything that Ontarians from all regions, including BIPoC, LGBTQ+, Differently-Abled, Senior, Youth and Child Ontarians, have been through in the past few years, this is something that matters now more than ever,” says Rachel Fulford, a member of the National Coalition for Tax-Free Therapy.

    “The government can easily demonstrate its commitment to supporting the mental health of Canadians by eliminating the tax on psychotherapy and counselling therapy services.” 

    To learn more, and to send your letter of support calling on the government to remove the GST/HST requirement for counselling therapy and psychotherapy (almost 2,000 have already been sent via the site), visit


    Media Inquiries: Rachel Fulford, Co-Chair, Advocacy Committee

    For more evidence, and the story behind this inequitable tax, please visit: RESOURCES @


    [1] Recommendation 32, p. 53 Committee Report No. 10 - FINA (44-1) - House of Commons of Canada

    [2] Video: Bill C-323 read in House of Commons by MP Stephen Ellis


    [4] Mental Health Commission of Canada (2018 & 2014). Making the Case for Investing in Mental Health in Canada and Strengthening the Case for Investing 

    [5] Ensuring all mental health services are tax exempt would result in a financial cost of 0.0004% of Canada’s total estimated budgetary revenue in 2023-2024 (15 Million per year).
  • Tue, March 07, 2023 8:05 AM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)


    Position Closing Date: March 24, 2023 

    How and Where to Apply: send your resume and cover letter to 

    Company Information: Anglican Diocese of Ottawa 

    Contact Information: 

    The Ottawa Pastoral Counselling Centre (OPC), a Community Ministry of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa (ADO), is searching for a compassionate psychotherapist and dynamic leader to serve as its next Executive Director. For more than fifty years, the OPC has provided professional pastoral counselling and psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, and families (including children and teens). The counsellors at the OPC honour the spirituality of every person, whether they are Christian, religious, spiritual, agnostic or atheist. Affirming the dignity and self-worth of all people, OPC counsellors accompany their clients in their own personal journey towards healing and wellness.

    Executive Director Role Summary

    The role of the OPC Executive Director is to execute the mandate of leading the organization in three key areas: to ensure the delivery of its core services; to provide operational leadership in the day-to day management of the Centre; and to offer executive leadership on the strategic governance of the OPC. 

    Key Areas of Responsibility 

    Core Service Delivery: 

    • Participate in the ministry of the OPC as a direct service psychotherapist. This will include supervision by a registered psychologist of the College of Psychologists of Ontario. The Executive Director role, as a direct psychotherapist, is approximately 20% of their total workload. 
    • Oversee the case management of the OPC, including overseeing the intake and client assignment process, clinical student placements, and the Employment Assistance Program of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. 
    • Provide consultation services for clergy and pastoral caregivers of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. 

    Operational Leadership: 

    • Provides day-to-day executive leadership to the OPC, ensuring strategic and annual plans are operationalized and aligned with OPC’s Vision and Mission. 
    • Leads and provides operational supervision to a staff, which includes an Intake Coordinator and a team of psychotherapists, to support OPC’s delivery of services within a collaborative environment. 
    • Provides leadership in all areas of OPC’s administration, including financial operations, human resources, contracts, program evaluation, and partnerships. 
    • Champions the Counselling Support Fund, which provides financial support for those unable to afford a fee for service, through promotion and acquisition of funding. 
    • Reports directly to the Director General of Community Ministries, participating in the collegial relationships between ADO Community Ministries and their Executive Directors. 

    Governance/Strategic Leadership: 

    • Involved in governance of OPC through ongoing engagement with its Management Board (MB), providing executive leadership and ensuring appropriate administrative support to the MB. 
    • Working with the MB, develops and implements a multi-year strategic plan as well as an annual operational plan tied to OPC Vision and Mission. 
    • Develops an annual budget, which is approved by the MB, and reports to MB regularly on the finances of OPC. 
    • Ensures risk management is an ongoing element of OPC governance and operations, including policy development and compliance with relevant legislation, policies, and professional associations. 
    • Participates in the governance of the Community Ministries of the Diocese as a staff resource to the Community Ministry Committee and relevant working groups. 



    • Master’s Degree in Counselling or its equivalent. 
    • Member in good standing of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), or an equivalent body that regulates the act of psychotherapy. 

    Knowledge and Experience 

    • Knowledge of CRPO regulations for both in-person and telehealth counselling (local and across jurisdictions). Understanding of issues related to confidentiality and personal health information protection (e.g., PHIPA). 
    • Five or more years of experience in the field of psychotherapy o Experience in conducting intake activities, managing critical events, and completing referrals.
      o Demonstrated commitment to continuing education and professional development.
      o Experience in managing or supervising a therapy team. 
    • Five or more years in previous management experience in a social service organization at a senior level.
      o Experience in the areas of Administration, Financial Operations and Human Resources.
      o Providing executive leadership and inter-agency collaboration.
      o Demonstrated ability to work with groups who are stakeholders in organizational governance (Boards, committees, working groups). 
    • Knowledge of, and experience in, current office software and online platforms for teletherapy. 

    Qualities and Competencies 

    • Proven leadership skills in managing a non-profit organization providing services to the public in collaboration with professional experts in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. 
    • Excellent communication skills in written and oral English; knowledge of French would be considered an asset. 
    • Ability to work with OPC’s Management Board in executing the vision and mission of the organization. 
    • Strategic thinker, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and a sound decision maker with a demonstrated ability to lead change. 
    • Organized with strong attention to details. 
    • Results-oriented mindset with the ability to effectively manage multiple and competing priorities. 
    • Ability and desire to work with diverse population of clients: general public, clergy of the Anglican Church and its employees. 
    • Willingness to work within a faith-based organization. 

    Other Requirements: 

    • Must be willing to provide reference checks from previous work and to undergo police clearance for a criminal background check; both must have results to the satisfaction of the Diocese. 
    • Must be willing to work on-site at the OPC office, acknowledging the need from time to time to work remotely. 
    • Must be willing to work full time, including occasional evenings and weekends, depending on operational requirements. 

    Where to submit your requirements: 

    • Please apply by submitting your résumé and cover letter to this email: 
    • Deadline is on March 24, 2023. 

    Compensation: $75,000.00-$85,000.00 per year. 

    The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa is committed to accessibility, values diversity and is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and to protecting the human rights of its employees. We welcome and encourage applications from people with disabilities.

    Accommodations are available upon request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

  • Tue, February 14, 2023 4:03 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    Bill became a member of OSRP in 2009 and was very involved with RPIC on behalf of OSRP. For information about this ongoing campaign, please visit:

    He was a very determined and dedicated therapist who was very passionate about the work he did for/with his clients. Bill passed away unexpectedly, at home on Sunday, December 25, 2022 at age 61.

    Bill was a big man with a big heart whose laughter and lust for life touched many. For over 30 years, he dedicated himself to helping those damaged by the world, bringing his care and his wit to help them find a way through. His rough edges found their home in the world of rugby, often centred around the Aurora Barbarians RFC, where he found so much joy throughout his life, both on and off the field, as a great player and wonderful coach.

    As a son, a little brother, an uncle, and cousin he was a charismatic maker of mischief who made everyone's life more interesting for having him in it. Both wise and innocent, warm and sharp, sometimes crass but always caring. Bill will be deeply missed by his family and his many friends.

    The OSRP Board offers its sincere condolences to Bill's family, former colleagues and clients.

    You can read more about Bill's life and legacy here

    Please email us re: the passing of OSRP members so we can commemorate them, and please make a plan for someone to let us know in the event of your passing at

  • Tue, February 14, 2023 3:52 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    With respect and appreciation for her service to our profession and the OSRP, we wish to note the passing of Mary Beatrice Greey, a founding member of OSRP.

    Mary Greey trained and practised as a psychotherapist in the early days of the profession in Toronto. She was first a founder, and later — at 70 — became President of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists. She was also a founding faculty member of the Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy. Though retired for 20 years from her professional activities, she is still remembered with warm respect by those who knew her as therapist, clinical supervisor, teacher/trainer, or colleague.

    The OSRP Board offers its sincere condolences to her children, grandchildren, former colleagues, clients, students and supervisees, and her beloved spouse of 32 years, OSRP Clinical Member Pat DeYoung.

    You can read more about Mary Greey’s life and legacy here: MARY GREEY Obituary (2023) - Midland, ON - Toronto Star ( 

    Please email us re: the passing of OSRP members so we can commemorate them, and please make a plan for someone to let us know in the event of your passing at
  • Tue, February 14, 2023 3:46 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    All of us should have received this email in late January –

    “This is a reminder that CRPO’s annual registration renewal period will be opening on February 1, 2023. Your renewal will be due by March 31, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. EST.  Please login to the registrant portal ( and complete your renewal.

    Please see the Renewal page ( for more information. If you have questions about the Health Professions Database (HPDB) Questions or renewal, please see the Renewal FAQ (”

    We are advising ALL members to plan for this process early, because it is not a simple, or easily-affordable, undertaking for many of us.

    A few things to note about your CRPO Renewal:

    • You won’t be receiving an invoice, not even within your CRPO portal/website.
    • The only way to pay is with a Visa credit card, or MasterCard credit card.
            If you have neither, the only option the CRPO suggests is to buy a temporary Visa or MasterCard gift card.
            These can be purchased from your bank, or from a chain store like WalMart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Best Buy etc.
    • When you get to your dashboard, you can correct your personal information on the landing page (a separate activity than your renewal), but don’t scroll down to the list of invoices - it won’t be there.
    • Go to the left menu and pick “Renewal.
    • There are no accessibility accommodations for neurodiverse registrants, registrants with visual impairments etc. on the Renewal portal, or in the Ministry of Health database questionnaire.
            If you require accommodations to complete your renewal, please do not hesitate to email the CRPO directly (and promptly, since their response may take time) at
    • You will be asked to confirm your currency hours (750 or more Direct Client Contact (DCC) hours for any of the Active categories).
            You don’t need to provide documentation, but they may ask for it later, so good to have – even your own Excel or Word spreadsheet or other tracking document using initials or Unique Client Identifiers (such as numbers), not client names, addresses or any other identifying details, in case the CRPO asks for it later
    • The Ministry of Health questionnaire, completed as part of your CRPO Renewal process, takes time and reflection as well. 
            It asks you to divide your total number of hours worked (your DCC plus other hours, like teaching, supervision or research) into percentages, to give them a breakdown.
            So you might say – 60% of my hours are direct client contact hours, 30% are administrative, 10% is research – or whatever is most accurate for you. There are no right or wrong answers.

    Please plan for the $$$ cost of CRPO Renewal.

    List of fees: CRPO Fees – College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

    • Registrants who do not renew their registration by 11:59 p.m. on March 31, 2023 will have a late fee of $150.00 + HST applied to their account.
    • Registrants who are late and do not renew (including paying the late fee) on or before 11:59 p.m. on April 30, 2023, may be suspended.
    • Suspended individuals are no longer able to practise the profession and the suspension is reflected on the Public Register.
    • The fee for lifting a suspension is $350.00 + HST.
    The OSRP may be posting a brief video webinar for members interested in a “share screen” opportunity to be guided through the renewal process, to be shared with all members.
  • Tue, February 14, 2023 3:41 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    The OSRP Board is thrilled to announce the appointment of Michael Diotte, OSRP Clinical Member in good standing, who has an Accounting degree as well as Bookkeeping and extensive Board/Not-for-Profit experience, to the role of Acting Treasurer. The Board appointed Michael in accordance with the OSRP bylaws and in consultation with our Parliamentarian. His email is

    Please join us in welcoming Michael to his new role, until the next Special General Meeting or Annual General Meeting of the Members, at which time we hope he will be willing to stand for election with the slate of 2023-24 Board Directors.

    Now, we have another vacant position to fill: Executive Committee Secretary to the Board of Directors. We would welcome a member with strong communication skills and an eye for detail.

    The OSRP is growing and developing as an organization representing a diverse group of RPs across Ontario. We intend to increase BIPoC and LGBTQ2S+ awareness and engagement at the OSRP. We need your voices. Please consider if having a seat on our Board as Acting Secretary would be a good fit for you.

    If you are interested, or even “Board-Curious,” please email with your questions to and let’s talk!

  • Tue, February 14, 2023 3:28 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)


    Black History Month, recognized and celebrated here since 1995 following the initiative of the Honourable Jean Augustine, Canada’s first Black MP, who represented her Ontario riding for 13 years, is an opportunity for psychotherapists to continue resourcing ourselves for the work we do, and the experiences we have, all year long. We encourage all members to research (and re-re-re-search) the best sources for you.

    We do have a few ideas to share below, and would love to hear yours. Please send your favourite resources to and you may see them posted on our website.

    To resource, or “re-Source” ourselves, is appropriate for Ontarians. After all, the word “Ontario'' comes from the Iroquois “kanadario,” meaning “sparkling” water. Lakes and rivers make up one-fifth of Ontario’s footprint. Each lake and river is continually re-Sourced and re-Freshed by springs, aquifers, reservoirs, ponds, streams, estuaries, ice, rainfall, and waterfalls of all shapes and sizes, including at Niagara. These sources continually oxygenate and revive our water – an essential source of vitality for all human, animal and plant life. Continuous flow and circulation, and re-circulation, makes our water safe and effective. So must we as RPs, RP(Q)s, Students and Retired Members continually dip our toes, and occasionally take deep dives, into new sources that re-Fresh and re-Vive our learning and our lives.

    As documented in our Annual General Report in November, the OSRP Board was moved by the February 2022 Report released by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, cited in CRPO’s February 2022 Communiqué, entitled "Shining a Light on Mental Health in Black Communities." The MHCC Report spotlighted health disparities in Black Communities that speak directly to the gaps in service and resources that OSRP identified and began responding to in 2021.

    Statistics from this report include:

    • 38% of survey respondents who are Black, and reported poor or fair mental health, stated that they had used mental health services
    • 60% said they would be more willing to use mental health services if the mental health professional was Black
    • 35.4% were experiencing significant psychological distress, 34.2% of whom never sought mental health services.

    Deborah Adams, Registrar and CEO of the CRPO, responded to the MHCC Report by stating, “The message that these statistics carry is clear: we need to work to reduce barriers like systemic inequities resulting from anti-Black racism and lack of representation in the profession to improve access to much-needed mental health care for the Black community in Ontario.”

    Please have a look at the lived experience behind these statistics in “All Booked Up: The Frustration of Finding a Black Therapist” by Alicia Lue from The Walrus

    The CRPO has clearly mandated all Registrants to continue developing our cultural competencies. For example:

    Registrants are strongly encouraged to develop their learning on Canada’s Indigenous people and the ongoing effects of colonization.”  

    Indigenous Healthcare Law and Policy section of Professional Practice and Jurisprudence for RPs Professional Practice and Jurisprudence for Registered Psychotherapists – College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (

    “A registrant must not discriminate against any person on any prohibited ground. Examples of discrimination may include the following:

    • refusing to accept or continue to treat a new client for a prohibited reason, such as race, gender identity, or sexual orientation;
    • making a treatment decision for a prohibited reason;
    • insulting a client in relation to a prohibited reason;
    • refusing to allow a client with a disability to attend an appointment with a support person, assistive device, or service animal; and
    • making assumptions, not based on clinical observation or professional knowledge and experience, about a person’s health or abilities because of their age or another prohibited reason.

    It is not discrimination to make clinical decisions for reasons other than prohibited grounds. For example, if an RP does not have the competence to treat or continue to treat a person, a registrant should not initiate or continue therapy with a client. Such a decision to refuse or discontinue services must be made in good faith, communicated sensitively, and documented. It is discriminatory to claim one lacks competence as a pretence for refusing to provide service based on protected grounds.

    RPs are similarly entitled to rely on professional knowledge, judgement, and experience to comment upon clinically relevant matters that relate, for example, to a person’s age, gender, or cultural background.

    Human Rights and Accessibility Legislation section of Professional Practice and Jurisprudence for RPs  - our emphasis in bold Professional Practice and Jurisprudence for Registered Psychotherapists – College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (

    The OSRP Board has taken, and continues to take, our role as your elected representatives in this space very seriously. We have found ourselves and our clinical practices richly re-Sourced this past year by many currents of learning, including the following (all of which are intended for all adults):

    1. My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending our Hearts and Bodies, a NYT Bestseller by Resmaa Menakem, author, Psychotherapist and founder of Somatic Abolitionism, specialising in the effects of trauma on the human body and the relationship between trauma, white body supremacy, and racism.

      My Grandmother's Hands—Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending ... by Resmaa Menakem (Excerpt) - YouTube

      An interview with Menakem from “On Being” with Krista Tippett Resmaa Menakem — 'Notice the Rage; Notice the Silence' | The On Being Project

    2. 2022 Giller Prize winner for Fiction, Suzette Mayr’s The Sleeping Car Porter explores a crucial part of Canada’s Black History (also available as an audiobook): The Sleeping Car Porter | Coach House Books (

      An interview/Q&A with Mayr from “The Giller Book Club” with Donna Bailey Nurse, literary critic
       The Giller Book Club: The Sleeping Car Porter - YouTube

    3. Internal Racism: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Race and Difference by M. Fakhry Davids, author and Psychoanalyst, British Psychoanalytical Society Internal Racism: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Race and Difference by M. Fakhry Davids (

      An Interview with Davids from “New Books in Psychoanalysis” with Tracy D. Morgan, Psychoanalyst, LCSW-R, M.Phil  New Books in Psychoanalysis: M. Fakhry Davids, "Internal Racism: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Race and Difference" (Red Globe, 2011) on Apple Podcasts

      Short video of Davids describing his interest in the geography of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis: Fakhry Davids - YouTube

    Also please consider viewing or re-Viewing this OSRP seminar:

    Embodied Liberation: Facilitating Healing, Recovery & Transformation, facilitated by Shalyn Isaacs, MEd, Counselling Psychology Candidate.

    She discussed how:

    • Systemic oppression experiences live in the bodies of those from marginalized groups.
    • How do we release limiting beliefs to promote healing?
    • How can we embody liberation?
    • What will happen when you start feeling like your body is a home?
    • Utilizing somatic frameworks, participants will create and embody narratives of empowerment.

    Other re-Sources, flowing from far and wide:

    25 books about being Black in Canada | CBC Books

    25 Best Black Therapy Podcasts (chosen by FeedSpot):

    Some Black Therapist directories:

    Wishing all OSRP Members a re-Sourceful, re-Circulating and re-Viving Black History Month!

    — The above was collected and written by Rachel Fulford, RP, Co-Vice-Chair and Chair of Advocacy, and approved by the Executive Committee.
  • Fri, February 03, 2023 2:29 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    • York Hills Centre for Children, Youth and Families

      is offering a rare and unique opportunity to Child and Family Therapists who wish to pursue a career in Play Therapy

      York Hills is a children’s mental health agency serving children and families in York Region. York Hills offers a wide range of mental health services, supports and partnerships providing meaningful and evidence informed/based treatment to children, youth and families.

      Benefits: Full Extended Health & Dental, Life Insurance, EAP, STD, LTD and RRSP plan. Generous paid time off including vacation, sick and personal days.

      Location: The Hybrid Work Plan developed for this role presently requires this position to work in a combination of work from home and work on site with equipment provided by York Hills. The successful candidate will work primarily in our Aurora Office, located 402 Bloomington Rd., Aurora ON, with flexibility to work from home. This position at times requires travel within York Region client visits, training or meetings.

      Position overview:

      We are seeking an exceptional clinician to join our Play Therapy team. As a clinician you are familiar with play therapy and would like your career to include Theraplay® and Play Therapy. While you may not have play therapy training now, this position is different because in exchange for a commitment to work on the play therapy team, we will support you to get the training you need, through CAPT (Canadian Association of Play Therapy) and Theraplay® Canada. We are looking for a person who would embrace this opportunity to learn, and in return would bring their passion, team spirit and clinical expertise to the play therapy team.

      Working as a Child and Family Therapist in our Play Therapy Program your key responsibilities include:

    • Assessment, case coordination, case formulation and treatment planning grounded in the following theoretical constructs: trauma, attachment, ecosystems, neurobiology, child development and anti-oppressive practice.
    • Providing MIM assessments, play therapy, sand tray therapy using a family centered approach.
    • Delivering single session and brief therapy using a solution focused brief therapy model.
    • Facilitating groups, workshops and webinars.
    • Participating in quality assurance, evaluation and research activities, as required.
    • We are looking for an exceptional individual who has:

    • Passion for and a keen interest in Play Therapy treatment approaches including Child focused play therapy, sand tray therapy, Theraplay®, and MIM.
    • Familiarity with evidenced based/informed treatment modalities including but not limited to CBT, SFBT, EFST and family therapy.
    • Knowledge and understanding of infant, child and adolescent development.
    • Knowledge of community-based programs including those for transitional age youth and adult services.
    • Demonstrated sound judgement related to the development of collaborative approaches working with children, youth and their families; including high-risk circumstances and safety planning.
    • Ability to meet the needs of a diverse client base, through knowledge and application of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, anti-racist and culturally competent practices.
    • Exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a multi-disciplinary environment, exercising professional judgement in conflictual and stressful situations.
    • Proven group/workshop facilitation skills, utilizing evidence-based practices.
    • Strong time management and organizational skills.
    • Advanced written language skills and ability to complete documentation within given timelines.
    • Willing to work a flexible schedule that includes up to two evenings per week.
    • This position will require the Play Therapist to be comfortable and willing to learn how to deliver tele-play services, as well as in person therapy under the guidance of agency guidelines and York Region Public Health directives. 

    Here is what you will need:

    • Masters of Social Work, Masters of Counselling Psychology (or equivalent), registration with an appropriate governing body, and at least 1-2 years of experience within a children’s mental health setting.
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or a relevant discipline (i.e. psychology, counselling, education) with a minimum of 5-7 years’ experience within a children’s mental health setting, registration with an appropriate governing body and you have in-depth knowledge of and experience with theories, principles and practices of social work.
    • Diploma holders with equivalent knowledge, full registration with an appropriate governing body and 10 years of experience may also be considered.
    • Commitment to obtaining recognized training leading to certification in Play Therapy or Expressive Arts (i.e./CAPT foundations training).
    • Access to a private, confidential home office space with high speed internet.
    • Access to a reliable vehicle and ability to travel to other community-based settings as needed.
    • Must be fluent speaking, writing and reading in English. Fluency in other languages is an asset.

    York Hills is strongly committed to a workforce that reflects the diversity of the populations we serve. We encourage applications from all qualified individuals including applicants from all cultures, racialized communities, abilities, diverse sexual and gender identities and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas. We encourage you to reflect upon the diversity you would bring to this role within your application

    York Hills is committed to building a diverse, inclusive, accessible and respectful workplace. We believe in a cultivating a selection process and employment environment without discrimination or harassment, that is inclusive and barrier free. 

    We ask applicants to make any accommodation requests for the interview or selection process known in advance and we will arrange reasonable and appropriate accommodation for the selection process which will enable you to be assessed in a fair and equitable manner.


    Please email your cover letter and resume to:

    Only those candidates invited for an interview will be contacted.

  • Fri, February 03, 2023 2:21 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    Job posting – open Thursday February 2, 2023

    Deadline for applications – Sunday February 12, 2023 @ 6pm EST

    Email one-page cover letter with CV (no more than 4 pages) to:
    The Executive Committee at


    Job type: Part-Time, Contract

    LOCATION: Anywhere in Ontario (remote)

    JOB TITLE: OSRP Liaison to CRPO

    REPORTS TO: The OSRP Board of Directors via the Executive Committee

    WHILE UNDER CONTRACT, MUST JOIN & SIT ON: OSRP/CRPO Committee, QA Task Force, and any other Task Forces established by the Board of Directors that fall under OSRP/CRPO

    Fee per hour, to be invoiced to OSRP on a monthly basis for immediate payment (must add HST as an additional item if Liaison has an HST #)

    • $45/hr x a maximum of 5.5 hrs week = $247.50/week
    • The 5.5hrs/week includes meeting attendance hours
    • Length of term - February 15, 2023–December 15, 2023 with possibility of renewal for a second term if mutually desired


    • Act as OSRP Membership’s consistent representative to the CRPO
    • Carefully review all CRPO documents including draft policies, Communiques and other email announcements, minutes of Council meetings, and all CRPO Standards of Practice
    • Provide policy analysis and informed recommendations to OSRP Board and OSRP/CRPO Committee
    • Prepare agendas for meetings (approx every two months) with CRPO Executives e.g. Deborah Adams, CEO
    • Identify areas of concern/approval or points to follow up on in CRPO meetings e.g. Deborah Adams
    • dentify trends or issues (positive or negative) to present to Deborah Adams at each meeting, as applicable
    • Coordinate meetings with CRPO and with OSRP/CRPO Committee, taking a leadership role in the latter
    • Act as first point of contact for queries from OSRP members by receiving, managing, anonymizing and documenting all messages including emails from members sent to (formerly Ethics email address)
    • Bring members’ concerns (preserving anonymity unless otherwise requested by the member) to the attention of the OSRP/CRPO Cttee, the Board and then if so deemed by the Board, the CRPO. This is to be done only if members concerns are valid, e.g. not already addressed on the CRPO website
    • Provide recommendations for continuous improvement initiatives for the OSRP and its Board as it relates to regulatory affairs.
    • Assist with CRPO and OSRP/CRPO Cttee document/process/report development, tracking, distribution, and management
    • Draft a one-page monthly OSRP/CRPO Cttee report to present to the OSRP Board at its monthly meetings (every third Friday of the month from 11am-1:30pm)
    • Ensure that all OSRP activities managed by or with Liaison align with quality standards, not-for-profit best practices, and regulatory standards and guidelines.
    • Specifically, manage the OSRP/CRPO QA CBA (Quality Assessment Case-Based Assessment open book exam) Task Force, to which 30+ members have offered to volunteer and/or testify, and any similar OSRP/CRPO Task Forces to be created by the OSRP Board in consultation with the Liaison


    • Strong knowledge of and familiarity with CRPO regulations and the regulatory environment for RPs in Ontario
    • Strong working knowledge of the Health Act, PHIPA and other relevant legislation, policies and procedures including Robert’s Rules of Order
    • Understanding of where the governance principles, the sources of law and regulation relating to the CRPO and the OSRP come from; what they require; and some of the positive and negative impacts they have on RPs, RP(Q)s, Student Members and Retired Members of the OSRP
    • Substantive prior experience with a Board in the private, public, and/or voluntary/non-profit sector, acquired through Board or committee service or reporting to/or working with a Board
    • Understanding of the Ontario mental health landscape, informed by the current socio-political-economic climate as well as some knowledge of the history of health regulation in Ontario
    • Familiarity with and respect for more than one modality of psychotherapy


    • At least three years of working as an RP(Q) and/or RP in Ontario, including any time spent working with clients as a Student under Supervision
    • Currently in good standing with CRPO in any one of the following categories: RP, RP (Qualifying), RP (Inactive) and RP (Temporary)
    • Preferable to have, at minimum, two years of Membership in good standing with OSRP
    • Other than working as a psychotherapist, a minimum of one year of work/volunteer experience in a relevant field (e.g. policy, communications, insurance, adjudication, finance, law, corporate administration) and/or a minimum of a one-year College Advanced Diploma/Degree in a relevant field of study
    • Ability to research and synthesize large quantities of specialized information (e.g. CRPO policy proposals) and strong reading and communication skills (detail-oriented)
    • Ability to work independently, and the ability to work effectively in a part-time job while balancing one’s own Clinical work/studies as an psychotherapist or retired psychotherapist
    • The ability to create reports and make presentationS remotely
    • The OSRP welcomes applications from all qualified individuals, including, but not limited to, visible minorities (racialized), persons with disabilities, Indigenous Peoples and/or persons of any gender identity and/or sexual orientation.
    • The OSRP is committed to a positive, supportive and inclusive environment.

    ATTRIBUTES (adapted from CRPO’s Council Attributes description)

    • Committed:  Devotes the required time and energy to the role and is ambitious to achieve best possible outcomes for RPs. Prepared to give time, skills and knowledge to developing themselves and others in order to create highly effective interventions into CRPO policies and procedures on behalf of the profession.
    • Curious:  Possesses an enquiring mind and an analytical approach, understanding the value of meaningful questioning.
    • Challenging: Provides appropriate challenges to the status quo, not taking information or data at face value and always driving for deeper understanding of RPs’ needs and more mutually-respectful relationship with CRPO.
    • Collaborative:  Prepared to listen to and work in partnership with others and understanding the importance of building strong working relationships with CRPO representatives and with OSRP Board, its staff, and its stakeholders, particularly the 11,100+ membership.
    • Critical: Understands the value of critical collegiality which enables both challenge and support, and self-reflective, pursuing learning and development opportunities to improve their own and whole OSRP effectiveness.


    Successful candidates must -

    • Not be employed on a contract or permanent basis (past or present) with the CRPO, or be a current CRPO Council Member
    • Not be a current or past Board Member of the OSRP
    • Not be related by blood, adoption, close relationship or marriage, or be a client of, or a therapist or supervisor of (past or present) any member of the OSRP Board of Directors or staff, or the CRPO executives/staff
    • Declare any Conflicts of Interest in their cover letter that would prevent them from being objective in exclusively serving the interests of the OSRP and its members
    • Continue to declare any new Conflicts of Interest as they arise: e.g. Member “A” brings a complaint to the CRPO about Person “B” with whom the Liaison has a personal connection, such as a former client, or a family member, with Member “A” seeking support and advocacy from the Liaison-–the matter would have to be transferred to the Board of Directors for any further action
    • Understand that any materials they generate or purchase (paid for by OSRP) for the OSRP or CRPO while working paid hours for the OSRP is the intellectual property of the OSRP and shall be transferred to the OSRP Administrator in full both during their contact term and, in full, upon its completion
    • NOTE—the above excludes any material the Liaison generates for the CRPO in their role as an individual registrant in the CRPO, such as QA essays, CBA answers, CRPO  survey answers, etc.
    • NOTE — Membership in another provincial or national RP organization e.g. CCPA, OAMHP, CATA etc is not a conflict that would exclude a candidate, but it must be declared, and confidential OSRP materials, policies, strategies and approaches must not be shared with any other Board,  RP, or person without the prior written consent of the OSRP Executive Committee 


    Remote only – in person meetings not required, but can be accommodated if all parties so desire and consent (with OSRP having no obligation to pay for any travel costs without prior written approval). Must be accessible by emails and telephone, inclusive of mobile phone (in moments of great urgencies). All sensitive data stored about OSRP must be password protected. OSRP is not responsible for providing equipment (computer, laptop, fax machines, etc.), electronics (mobile phones, cameras, headphones, etc.) or office supplies (chairs, desk, cabinets, etc.). 

    Accommodations for job applicants with disabilities will be made available upon request.

    The OSRP is actively developing anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, anti-bullying and accessibility policies, but until that time, is aware of its responsibilities under the Ontario Employment Standards Act and the Human Rights Code's%20Human%20Rights%20Code%2C%20the,in%20a%20protected%20social%20area, under which it is illegal to discriminate against anyone on the basis of:

    • Age
    • Ancestry, colour, race
    • Citizenship
    • Ethnic origin
    • Place of origin
    • Creed
    • Disability
    • Family status
    • Marital status (including single status)
    • Gender identity, gender expression
    • Record of offenses
    • Sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding)
    • Sexual orientation.

    Click here to download a PDF of the position details.

  • Wed, January 11, 2023 4:01 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    Dear OSRP Members,

    The OSRP Board would like to sincerely wish you and your loved ones all the very best for 2023.  We look forward to continuing to serve you in the coming year.

    It seems like a lifetime ago, but we held a very successful AGM on November 18, 2022.

    As promised, we are including the below, for every OSRP member who attended and those who were not able to.

    NB: Please refrain from sharing this material outside of the OSRP Membership.

    Please click below for more Board updates:

    Thank you for your support as we establish our new Board, Executive Committee and other new Committees, and prepare to address the mandate you generously gave us at the November AGM.

    Wishing all members good fortune and felicity,

    The OSRP Board of Directors

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