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  • Tue, October 17, 2023 11:13 AM | OSRP (Administrator)

    All members in good standing with OSRP are entitled to a free membership with Perkopolis, a club for people who like discounts. And who doesn’t like discounts?

    You could save the cost of your membership many times over with up to 30% off on 5,000+  everyday items such as:

    • Home and car insurance
    • Flights, car rentals, hotels and cruises
    • Home accessories, furniture and electronics
    • Clothing and school supplies
    • Tickets to movies, concerts, museums, theme parks and more
    • And services such as tax returns, cell phone service providers and home security

    These are not off-brand items. A quick visit to will show you an array of brands you already know. Their website is super easy to search and to make your choices online. You can also contact the retailer directly with questions and, as long as your purchase is made through, your discount applies.

    Perkopolis is a 100% Canadian-owned-and-operated company, and it’s easy to sign up. You only have to register once.

    This is win-win for all our members and their families who want to save on everyday goods and services. The OSRP is proud to offer “perks that work” with Perkopolis.

    Instructions on how to sign up are on the OSRP website under Member Benefits.

  • Tue, October 17, 2023 11:05 AM | OSRP (Administrator)

    Did you know that CRPO registrants must mark invoices and receipts for missed sessions accordingly? This issue came up in a recent Advocacy Committee meeting, where a member asked that the OSRP highlight this in our newsletter, since it’s not always emphasized by educational programs.

    The CRPO standard re: Issuing Accurate Documents indicates that it is not appropriate to issue an invoice for services not provided, EXCEPT when it is clearly reflecting an established fee for a cancelled appointment (e.g., a cancellation fee). What does this mean for you?

    If you have an established cancellation policy to which your client has provided informed consent, for example that you charge the full fee without 24 hours notice of a cancellation and/or rescheduling, you can provide a receipt for that payment, but you must indicate that it’s a fee for a session that didn’t happen. 

    Why? Most insurers will not reimburse for a missed session. So, if you provide a receipt for the cancellation fee paid to you, but you don’t indicate that this fee is for a session cancelled and/or rescheduled and paid according to your policy, the client could inadvertently submit it to their benefits plan and be fraudulently reimbursed, based on false information you provided.

    Even clients without a benefits plan, or without coverage through a spouse or parent, may submit their receipts with their taxes as “Uninsured Medical Expenses,” so the documentation must be accurate.

    Some clients can become (understandably) upset to discover that you need to mark the cancellation fee as such rather than as a fee for a session that was actually delivered, since this means they will be paying out of pocket. You really don’t want this to come as a surprise to a client, as it could affect the therapeutic alliance or cause a termination of services if it comes out of the blue.

    This is why it is crucial to be clear and upfront, ideally in writing and verbally, about not only your cancellation/rescheduling policy, but how you will need to provide accurate receipts. Making sure your clients understand your policy before proceeding is essential; don’t assume prior knowledge of your business practices.

    If you work at a clinic or for another provider, it’s important to make sure their invoice/receipt policy follows this standard, and that you inform your clients in advance of any policies related to cancellation/rescheduling fees and how such fees will be documented. Even if you don’t personally create or issue the invoice or receipt, you are responsible for its accuracy.

    The CRPO asks registrants to demonstrate this standard, standard 5.2, by:

    • “exercising care to ensure the accuracy of information presented in documents prepared for their signature and transmittal. This includes documents they themselves prepare, and those prepared by others;
    • considering how the reader will interpret the information upon receipt and using clear language that cannot be misconstrued;
    • not signing or sending documents containing misleading or false information;
    • issuing invoices, bills and receipts that are accurate. This includes listing the correct fee, date and time of services provided.”
  • Tue, October 17, 2023 10:58 AM | OSRP (Administrator)

    L to R: “The Social” Hosts Marci Ien and Lainey Liu; Brandon Hay, founder of the Black Daddies Club and Therapist-in-Training; Legendary Father Twysted Miyake-Mugler, co-founder of the Toronto Kiki Ball Alliance.

    I am a Therapist-in-Training with the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. What led me to join OSRP was that it was the only Canadian association for therapists that mentioned anything about collecting race-based data, and this was important for me as a Black man. I am also the founder of the Black Daddies Club (BDC), a grassroots organization based in Toronto that works with Black men, Black fathers and their families. BDC will be celebrating its 16th anniversary in November 2023. 

    What led me to therapy over six years ago was my separation and divorce, in which I realized I wanted to support myself to heal and reach my higher self (whatever this means). I found myself bouncing around from therapist to therapist trying to locate the right fit. Initially, I was looking for a Black male therapist. However, this was a harder task than I expected – like finding a needle in a haystack. A statistic shared at a Black Male Therapists conference in Chicago that I attended in February 2023 indicated that less than 1% of therapists identify as Black men. I assume that this percentage is lower in Canada, but I cannot confirm this as we do not keep statistics by race in this country.

    As I reflect on my own experience as a Black male training to become a Gestalt therapist in Toronto, I have seen only one Black man who was a student at my school over the past five years. I often wonder if this profession is for me because of the lack of representation of other Black men doing this therapeutic work.

    I also realize that there is a lack of spaces for Black and racialized therapists or students (of all genders) to connect and learn from each other. Now is a better time than ever to co-create a community for Black and racialized therapists in Canada.

    Black Daddies Club will be doing our 16th anniversary event entitled Finding a Partner after 40: A Conversation with Black Folks, at Evergreen Brick Works on Saturday, November 25, 2023. The event will feature Black folks and Black therapists talking about the realities of Black people finding a partner after the age of 40. The BDC event will also be a quarterly networking series, for Black and racialized therapists to connect with and learn from each other, this networking  and knowledge sharing series will begin in March 2024 in Toronto, Canada.

    You can find out more about the the Black Daddies Club at our website: or on our instagram @theblackdaddiesclub

    Brandon Hay (MES, Business)
    Founder of the Black Daddies Club
    Therapist-in-Training at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto

  • Tue, October 17, 2023 10:49 AM | OSRP (Administrator)

    Good news: MP Stephen Ellis’ Bill C-323 went to the floor for its Second Reading, and moved on to the next step, with 327 “yes” votes and zero “no” votes. Click HERE for a list of which MPs voted in favour of exempting our work from this unfair tax. (Some of the “yes” voters include: The Finance Minister, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Labour and the incoming Minister of Mental Health, among other Cabinet Ministers; and every party leader from the Greens to the Conservatives.)

    What Does this Mean?

    The Bill now moves forward to the next phase: it goes to the Finance Committee for further review. This is the same Committee that, this past March, recommended psychotherapy be exempt from GST/HST.

    What Are the Coalition’s Next Steps?

    Coalition members from the CCPA have already requested the opportunity to testify to the Finance Committee about this Bill. We sincerely hope and expect that this Bill should come out of Finance and go to a third reading and a new vote in Parliament in the next few months.

    Our Lobbying firm, Impact, will continue to meet with members of the Finance Committee individually to make our case.

    What Can I Do Next?

    1. If you see your MP on this list of those who voted “Yea” (which means “Yes”) to Bill C-323, feel free to send him/her an email saying “thank you” and asking for their continued support going forward.

      Odds are high that your MP will be on this list – 327 of 338 total current MPs were present and voted “yes.” This is an impressive showing.

      If you MP wasn’t able to vote, please ask for their support for Bill C-323 going forward.

      You can find a letter generator on the Tax Free Therapy Coalition’s website here; then click “SEND A LETTER TO YOUR MP” — the red box in the upper right corner. You can edit the suggested letter as you see fit; we suggest including a “thank you” to those MPs who voted in favour of Bill C-323, and encouraging them to support this Bill at its next stage too.

    2. Feel free to share this news and the link to the letter generator to friends and colleagues. It’s at

    To learn more about how a Bill becomes a Law, click here.

    Thank you for your continued support to remove HST from our services and removing a barrier to access when so many Ontarians need psychotherapy.

    - Rachel Fulford & Dr. Natasha Tuletta-Bowman, Co-Vice Chairs, OSRP Board of Directors, Co-Chairs, Advocacy Committee of the OSRP

  • Tue, October 17, 2023 10:39 AM | OSRP (Administrator)

    Thank you to every member who has already registered to attend the AGM or chosen a proxy. Let’s keep up the momentum so that we can achieve quorum, meet as peers, and vote on important changes to OSRP’s Constitution and By-Laws.

    Your 2024 Board of Directors, in conjunction with our Ethics Committee, has invested a considerable amount of time and resources in determining gaps in our existing policies and By-laws, in order to be able to take action this year. The changes being brought forward, should they be approved, will help propel the OSRP into an even stronger position in the years to come. Come out and let your voice be heard!

    Q: How do I register to attend, or assign a proxy?

    Click HERE to register/assign a proxy today. 

    Q: Will I get a chance to review and vote on the By-Law changes?

    A: Yes. The only way we can evolve as an organization is with your support and participation. All proposed changes will be sent out in the Annual General Report no later than 30 days before the AGM.

    Further, the AGM will include a detailed presentation of these proposed changes, and why they are necessary.

    Q: Why do I need to attend or send a proxy?

    A: OSRP Quorum requires 10% of members – so we will need 100+ members to attend or select proxies.

    Q: What are the results from the Race-Based Data Collection Initiative?

    A: At the AGM, we will present the results of this initiative that puts OSRP at the forefront of Race-Based Data Collection in Psychotherapy in Ontario with 1000+ members completing the survey upon renewal. OSRP has established a benchmark we can now use to measure improvement and target membership recruitment to fill the identified gap of representation in the survey.

    We are also really excited about the Door Prizes available for those who attend this AGM, including gift certificates generously donated by Caversham Booksellers.

  • Tue, September 19, 2023 1:25 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

    Supervision Tool

    The CRPO has developed a new tool for RP(Q)s and their supervisors to reflect together on the efficacy of supervision, and wants your feedback, which OSRP will compile and share on your behalf if you send it to, or you can comment directly HERE

    There are two opportunities to participate in improving the supervision tool:

    1. Simply review and comment on the content (due October 16)
    2. Use the tool and provide feedback on how effective you found it to be (due January 31, 2024).

    Survey links are included in the linked PDF. CRPO is interested in hearing back from both supervisors and supervisees, and it doesn’t matter whether the qualifying registrant has made an exam attempt or not.  

    Zoom meetings/Q&As

    The CRPO is offering a series of Zoom meetings/Q&As regarding Professional Development Obligations including the Case-Based Assessment (CBA). The goal is to help Registrants understand the program and be better prepared to complete their PD obligations.

    The next one is Thursday, October 12, 1-2 p.m. ET

    Pre-registration is required using this link to register and submit any questions you would like CRPO to answer.

  • Tue, September 19, 2023 1:08 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

    At an August 22 media conference which generated an estimated 1.2 million impressions, RP Lindsey Thomson spoke passionately about the deadly consequences of limiting access to therapy. Thomson’s call to the Federal government to end this tax can be seen HERE.  The Tax Free Therapy Coalition’s Countdown clock to the 2025 (likely) election and need to change can be found HERE.

    More than a million Canadians saw, heard or read about this issue following the media conference. The majority of coverage came from CTV television news outlets across Canada, including Vancouver, Winnipeg, Atlantic and Edmonton local news broadcasts (see image below). Coverage also came from online sources, blogs and radio. Known as “earned media” (as opposed to expensive paid advertisements), these impressions are highly valued and indicate how much interest there is nationally in this issue.

    These media hits could not be better timed as Canada’s leaders headed to pre-Parliament cabinet and caucus meetings, readying themselves for the Sept 22nd opening of this Parliament. We hope September's house business will include Dr. Stephen Ellis’ Bill C-323: An Act to amend the Excise Tax Act (mental health services) completing its second reading in the House. As previously reported here, the NDP has pledged to support it.

    Thank you to all advocates who have written, called, and visited their MPs to push for this important measure. Now is a great time to revisit this with your MP – please find an updated letter template HERE. Meanwhile, the Tax-Free Therapy Coalition continues to meet with important policy-makers and advocate for the end of this unfair tax.

    Should you wish to join the Advocacy Committee, which meets next via Zoom on September 29th, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

    Rachel Fulford & Dr. Natasha Tuletta-Bowman, Co-Vice Chairs, OSRP Board of Directors, Co-Chairs, Advocacy Committee of the OSRP

  • Tue, September 19, 2023 12:59 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

    OSRP is proud to partner with Sheridan College in offering a curated suite of courses, starting with past, present and future Board and committee members, up to 35 registrants for the first offering in Winter/Spring 2024. This is intended as a benefit for OSRP volunteers who provide extensive unpaid labour that enables the association to flourish. This new partnership gives volunteers the opportunity to complete and graduate with a micro-credential designed to enhance their practice, as a demonstration of appreciation for their work with OSRP.

    Sheridan continues to support organizations like OSRP as well as workplaces, colleges, and institutes in their efforts to advance Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). Recognizing diversity as the fuel for excellence, this support comes in the form of courses and programs that provide training and education on equitable practices and inclusive leadership. Sheridan Continuing and Professional Studies is offering the micro-credential program, Building Literacy in Equitable Practices, with the objective of integrating different perspectives and experiences related to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

    Micro-credentials are short-duration programs that help lay the foundation by expanding a learner's knowledge, awareness, and skills in a specific area of interest. The Building Literacy in Equitable Practices micro-credential program explores the fundamental concepts of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace and offers strategies to engage in more inclusive practices, language, and behaviours.

    The program only requires three (3) courses and can be completed in as little as one (1) to two (2) academic semesters. Participants need to complete two (2) mandatory courses, Fostering Equitable Practices I and Fostering Equitable Practices II, which examine power, privilege, unconscious bias, micro-aggressions, racism, and intersectionality to integrate different perspectives on equity and diversity. These courses explore strategies to enhance one's capacity to be more inclusive both at work and in other relationships. Participants also need to complete one (1) elective course to obtain the micro-credential. They can choose one from the three elective courses available: Modelling Inclusive Leadership Practices, Exploring Disability and Difference, and Cultivating LGBTQ2S+ Inclusivity. Participants who successfully complete the two (2) mandatory courses, plus one (1) elective, and pass all course requirements, will receive a certificate to formally acknowledge completion of the micro-credential.

    The learning experience for the Building Literacy in Equitable Practices micro-credential program includes group discussions, in-depth exploration of videos and articles, and participation in online learning activities where participants reflect on their own experiences to deepen their learning.

    Former, current and future Board Members who may be interested in registering, please contact Evonne at so we can get a sense of numbers (dates and times TBD.)

  • Tue, September 19, 2023 12:37 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

    Protecting RPs from Sexual Boundary Violations with Dr. Andrea Celenza

    I was fortunate enough to attend Dr. Celenza’s riveting presentation on Sexual Boundary Violations at the 2018 Ontario Psychiatric Association fall conference and I was blown away by her insights. So, when I joined the Protect Subcommittee to help come up with speakers, she was an obvious choice, and we’re so lucky she agreed — although access is different than other PS Seminars with this Harvard professor.

    We can only offer her video for one week: October 10 to 17.

    ALso, the Q&A is live only, not recorded, October 18 from noon to 1 p.m.

    You don’t want to miss this opportunity to pre-register and save the dates in your calendar. Learn more here. (Flex Pass holders are already registered.)  

    Part One:  October 10–17, 2023
    Video Release
    available 24hrs/day to screen at your convenience

    Two-minute teaser: SBV: How do they happen? | Andrea Celenza

    Registrants will have access to Dr. Celenza’s 90-minute video and PowerPoint presentation Sexual Boundary Violations: How Do They Happen? in which she debunks the myths and illuminates the realities of this prevalent phenomenon, and offers a psychological profile of clinicians at highest risk.

    1. This video will provide participants with the ability to identify myths and misunderstandings about the problem of sexual boundary violations.
    2. Participants will be able to describe the most typical erotic transference/countertransference scenarios where sexual boundary violations occur.
    3. Discussion of prevention and rehabilitation as well as erotic countertransference will help participants identify risks in their own practice, as well as in situations where they are seeking therapy, supervision, instruction, etc.

    This video would normally cost $450 USD per individual viewing or $750 USD for groups up to 20. The OSRP is exclusively offering this on a one-week basis for you to screen at your own pace, with the unique Q&A opportunity below.

    Part Two: October 18, 2023
    Q&A with Presenter Noon to 1 p.m. ET on Zoom -— NOT RECORDED

    Dr. Celenza will address questions and comments arising from her 90-minute video.

    This is an opportunity for a live community interaction in a confidential space to discuss your questions, responses and concerns.

    The first part of her deck on Sexual Boundary Violations will be available by email to all registrants.

    REGISTER HERE for both Parts 1 and 2

    • $50 for non-members ←please SHARE with your colleagues
    • $20 for OSRP members
    • Included with “Flex Pass” for those OSRP members who hold one

    Dr. Andrea Celenza, Ph.D., is a Psychoanalyst, Psychologist, and world expert who literally wrote the book on Sexual Boundary Violations: Therapeutic, Academic and Supervisory Contexts. She is a Training and Supervising Analyst, Boston Psychoanalytic Society/Institute; faculty, at Mass. Institute for Psychoanalysis; and Assistant Clinical Professor, Harvard Medical School.

    Her books are available in person in Toronto or online for shipment at Caversham Booksellers, PS Protect Seminar’s promotional partner.

    To attend/receive materials for all five PS: protect yourself Protect Seminars, if you would appreciate financial support and identify as BIPOC, please email

    Article by Rachel Fulford, RP, Member of Protect SubCommittee

    PS: Protect Seminars are Co-Presented by

  • Tue, September 19, 2023 12:30 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

    The OSRP is growing and developing as an organization representing a diverse group of RPs across Ontario. With this top of mind, we intend to increase Black, Indigenous, Racialized, and LGBTQ2S+ awareness and engagement at the OSRP. To do so, we need your voices. Please let us know what we can do to make joining our Board a good fit for you.

    DEADLINE for nominations to the slate prior to this AGM is September 29 at 5 p.m.

    EXCLUSIVE: Board Members will be eligible to take Sheridan College’s Building Literacy in Equitable Practices Micro-Credential training program, developed for OSRP. See below for details!

    If you are Board-Curious and interested in learning more about becoming part of the OSRP Board, you are invited to an Open House with Kimberly Cato and Dan Sileshi, Co-Chairs of the Nomination Committee.

    Click HERE to register!

    Scheduled Zoom Meeting:
    DATE: Friday, September 22
    TIME: 1:30-2:30 p.m. EDT

    Please let us know if you can make it and if you have any specific questions we can prepare to answer when we meet. May your week be truly spectacular.

    Feel free to contact Kimberly Cato and Dan Sileshi at:

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