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  • Tue, September 20, 2022 2:36 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    DBT HOUSE provides virtual Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Skills Training to mental health clinicians and students who wish to learn experientially by undergoing DBT Group Therapy. Participants will also gain clinical tools to assist in incorporating the DBT skills into your work with others.

    DBT HOUSE’s Abbreviated and Intensive tracks cover the core DBT skills of Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance and Interpersonal Effectiveness outlined in the DBT Skills Handouts and Worksheets: Second Edition by Marsha M. Linehan.

    In both these courses, participants will learn skills to assist with labelling and managing emotions; tolerating distress and accepting reality; increasing mindful awareness; and communicating needs to others.

    Early Bird & Student Price: $929 

    Regular Price: $979 ($89/session)

    Abbreviated DBT Skills Training

    11 Sessions (22 hours)

    Choose from the following 2 start dates:

    Wednesdays 6-8 p.m. ET/4-6 p.m. MT

    Sept. 21 - Nov. 23, 2022 


    Thursdays 12-2 p.m. ET/10-12 p.m. MT

    Oct. 20 - Dec. 22, 2022

    *Both include a 2hr DBT Orientation & Mindfulness Seminar: 
    Sunday Sept. 18 OR Sunday Oct. 16,
    5-7 p.m. ET / 3-5 p.m. MT

    *book by Sept. 16 for early-bird rate

    Intensive DBT Skills Group
    18 Sessions + monthly Mindfulness

    Choose from the following 2 start dates:

    Fridays 12-2 p.m. ET/10-12 p.m. MT

    Sept. 23 - Jan. 20, 2023 


    Mondays 5-7 p.m. ET/3-5 p.m. MT

    Oct. 17 - Feb. 27, 2023

    *Both include a 2hr DBT Orientation & Mindfulness Seminar: 
    Sunday Sept. 18 OR Sunday Oct. 16,
    5-7 p.m. ET / 3-5 p.m. MT

    *book by Sept. 16 for early-bird rate

    Early Bird & Student Price: $1250

    Regular Price: $1350 ($75/session)

    Interpersonal Effectiveness in DBT

    8-week Deep Dive into Interpersonal Skills 

    This 8-week DBT training provides an in-depth teaching of the DBT skills of Interpersonal Effectiveness outlined in the DBT Skills Handouts and Worksheets: Second Edition by Marsha M. Linehan. Interpersonal Effectiveness is all about creating healthy relationships and strengthening existing relationships. In this course participants will learn skills for how to effectively ask for what you want (or say no), while also maintaining respect for yourself and others.

    In this experiential skills group you will learn essential skills for assisting your clients in improving their communication in relationships (and in yours as well)! As care providers, we have a tendency to value the needs of others over ourselves and may have difficulties with saying no. This leads to burnout, resentment and ultimately conflict in our relationships. Learn how to establish boundaries, while strengthening your relationships.

    Wednesdays 7-9 p.m. ET | 5-7 p.m. MT

    Oct. 26 - Dec. 14, 2022

    Student Price & Early Bird: $655

    Regular Price: $705

    *book by Sept. 16 for early bird rate

    View Course Syllabus

    Click here to register

    Participants may join from any location!

    Prices are in Canadian Dollars. 

    Ontario / Alberta residents may be eligible to submit cost of sessions to their insurance provider for reimbursement. 

    Limited space available - maximum group size is 10 participants. 

    Contact: [email protected]; 647-490-0406 or visit www.dbthouse.com 

    DBT Virtual in partnership with DBT HOUSE presents:

    Leading Effective Mindfulness Practices in DBT
    Thursday, October 13, 2022
    12-1pm ET / 10-11am MT


    Mindfulness skills in DBT are an essential component of the therapy and foundational to the acquisition and application of all other DBT skills. When delivering DBT in both individual and group settings, therapists are encouraged to integrate mindfulness through informal and formal guidance. In this webinar you will learn how to avoid common mistakes when leading and debriefing mindfulness practices and discover best practices for promoting self-inquiry, skills development, and affective and attentional regulation. You will explore tips to optimize the facilitation of both informal and formal mindfulness practices through a trauma-informed and embodied approach. This webinar is for those who are interested in developing more meaningful and effective guidance in their mindfulness facilitation, through the lens of DBT principles. This is suitable for both DBT and non-DBT practitioners and DBT skills group facilitators who lead mindfulness in their therapeutic work.

    Register Here

    What is DBT?

    DBT is a skills-based therapy where the general goal is to "learn how to change your own behaviours, emotions, and thoughts that are linked to problems in living" (Linehan, M., 2015). DBT sets out to solve these problems in living by providing a set of acceptance and change-based skills aimed at increasing awareness of the present moment (Mindfulness); tolerating distress and accepting reality (Distress Tolerance); understanding and regulating emotions (Emotion Regulation); and improving interpersonal communication (Interpersonal Effectiveness).

    About DBT HOUSE

    DBT House was established as a resource to help educate and inspire clinicians interested in learning more about DBT. What makes DBT House's approach different than other training programs is the experiential element we bring to DBT Training. In this participatory experience, you will learn DBT by actually doing DBT. That is why our courses are 11 and 18 weeks. Through participating in Skills Group yourself,  just as a client would, you will be better equipped to learn and apply DBT. 

    DBT HOUSE is founded and operated by Hailey Goldberg. Hailey is a Registered Social Worker and one of the few Canadian certified DBT clinicians by the Linenan Board of Certification™. The DBT HOUSE Team of Skills Trainers is comprised of experienced, talented DBT clinicians and educators who are eager to share their passion for this work with you!

    Group Rates Available! Contact for Details

    www.dbthouse.com | [email protected] | 647-490-0406

  • Tue, September 20, 2022 2:22 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    The deadline for submitting the BIPoC Exam Prep Scholarship application is fast approaching. If you are a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) who identifies as a Black, Indigenous or Racialized person seeking expert assistance preparing for the entry-to-practice exam, consider taking the CRPO Exam Preparation Course offered by Spring Berriman and Shelley Whitehouse.

    OSRP has found this course to be a vital component for qualifying RPs to successfully pass CRPO’s entry-to-practice exam. As a BIPoC member of OSRP, you have the opportunity to submit a BIPoC Exam Prep Scholarship application by October 10, 2022.

    All applications for the BIPoC Exam Prep Scholarship should be sent by email to Kimberly Cato, Interim Chair of the EDI Committee at [email protected].

    Applications can be made by either a short 2-3 minute video or a short written essay (whichever is preferable for the applicant) and should include the following information:

    • Tell us about yourself and your therapy practice
    • Tell us what prompted you to apply for a BIPoC scholarship
    • Tell us what you need to flourish as a psychotherapist moving forward

    For video applications, please email a Google Drive link to your video. For written applications, please email a Microsoft Word document as an attachment.

    All applicants will be notified about their applications by email.

    OSRP is very excited about this opportunity to assist 4 BIPoC Registered Psychotherapists (Qualifying) pass CRPO’s entry-to-practice exam!

  • Thu, August 25, 2022 1:21 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    Date: Friday, September 30, 2022

    Time: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Location: Virtual Event (via Zoom)


    Depression is one of the most common psychiatric disorders. Its high prevalence amongst Canadians has an adverse impact, affecting the well being and productivity of individuals, families and caregivers. And it has only continued to rise during the COVID-19 public health crisis.

    The management of depression is challenging for mental-health-care workers. Many psychiatric interventions have been used in the treatment of depression, from psychotherapy, to psychopharmacology and brain stimulation techniques. 

    Hosted by the Poul Hansen Family Centre for Depression, part of UHN’s Centre for Mental Health, the “Clinical Advances in Depression Care” interactive, one-day educational event will offer an overview of interventions and treatments for depression care and new approaches under study.

    Presenters — including UHN’s Psychiatrist-in-Chief Susan Abbey, psychiatrists Daphne Voineskos and Joshua Rosenblat, psychotherapists Jenna McLeod and Sariné Willis'O'Connor, as well as occupational therapist Blakie Sahay — will describe recent advances in depression care including both biological (rTMS, ketamine, novel antidepressants) and psychotherapeutic (MBCT, CFT interventions) treatments, detail Health Quality Ontario Standards for Major Depression care and provide an overview of interventions and models of care used in providing care to individuals with mental and physical health concerns, among other topics.


    Physicians: $249
    Allied Health: $149
    Trainees: $99

    *early bird rates end September 9

    The Zoom link for the webinar will be sent via email the week of the event.

    For assistance, contact Conference Services at [email protected]

    Click here for additional information, including the even program

    Click here to register.

  • Tue, July 19, 2022 4:08 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    Psychotherapy Matters | Colouring the Brain Conference (Part 3 of 4)

    Psychotherapy Matters offers a collaborative mental-health care model. Psychotherapists work with a consulting psychiatrist and the client’s family physician to provide care precisely matched to each individual’s needs.

    We offer monthly Collaborative Care Conferences to help facilitate a community of mental health care professionals.

    Join us Tuesday, July 26 at 7 p.m. for our next conference: Colouring the Brain (Part 3 of 4). Dr. Steingart and Nazneen Rustom, Neuroscientist and Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), will be hosting an interactive colouring session as we come to understand and learn more about the brain. Yes, we will be colouring!

    When: July 26, 2022 at 7 p.m.

    Register prior to the event here.

    Once registered, you will receive an email containing the link to join the event.

    Materials Recommended:

    • The “Human Brain Coloring Book” by M.C. Diamond / A.B. Scheibel / L.M. Elson
    • Colouring tools (pencils, crayons, markers, or a digital device that lets you colour)

    Don’t have a copy of the “Human Brain Coloring Book”? No problem! You can access this month's plate and reading here:

    Don't forget to bring your coloured plate to our upcoming conference so that you can participate in our “Show & Tell”!

    Host 1: Dr. Allan Steingart

    Dr. Steingart is a practising psychiatrist as well as the CEO and Founder of Psychotherapy Matters. Dr. Steingart went to Medical school at McMaster University and graduated in 1981 (Medical School). He completed his fellowship in Psychiatry at Western University in 1986. He has been a medical doctor for over 40 years!

    Host 2: Nazneen Rustom:

    Nazneen is a Neuroscientist and Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying). She has nine years of experience in psychotherapy. As part of her work in the Adult Psychiatry Division, she provides psychosocial consultations for interprofessionals with complex cases.

    Submit questions to [email protected]

    What is Psychotherapy Matters?

    The OSRP partnered with PMVC (Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic) because they have so much to offer and we want you to know all about it!

    Psychotherapy Matters membership benefits can be found HERE

    Exclusive Benefits for OSRP Members:

    1. Discounted membership fee!
      Use the code “OSRP” to get the first 2 months of membership ($88.14 value) free. (Please note: the membership fee is $39/month and all new members are charged a one-time training accreditation fee of $200 when they join).
    2. Free Collaborative Care Conferences
  • Tue, July 19, 2022 4:00 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    We have been following the development of a new initiative that enables mental health providers to respond to mental health crisis and wellness checks among vulnerable, marginalized and racialized groups in Toronto. Now, by calling 211, people in crisis can receive support from non-police-based multidisciplinary teams working from a harm reduction, consent and trauma-based response framework.

    “The Toronto Community Crisis Service (TCCS) is a new, alternate approach to responding to someone in crisis that focuses on health, prevention and well-being. The service provides an alternative to police enforcement, creating a community-based, client-centred, trauma-informed response to non-emergency crisis calls and wellness checks.

    This service aims to respond to the needs and desires of the communities most impacted by policing and establish trust and confidence in a new community-based response model.

    The service is available six days a week and closed on Saturdays, and serves individuals 16 years of age and older.”

    Click here to learn more.

  • Thu, July 14, 2022 4:23 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)


    Do you love music and wish you could integrate it into your clinical work to offer clients a new, creative approach?

    Free Webinar
    for Psychotherapists & Mental Health Practitioners

    3 Dates/Times to Choose From:

    Wednesday, July 20: 12 p.m. ET
    Tuesday, August 16: 12 p.m. ET
    Thursday, September 8: 12 p.m. ET

    In this powerful research-based and experiential program, you’ll learn:

    • How incorporating music in your clinical sessions can deepen the therapeutic relationship

    • How music-integrated clinical work can support clients to process challenging experiences
    • Which clinical music method would suit you - even if you have no musical training
    Click here to learn more and register!


    Deborah Seabrook, Ph.D. MTA RCC (she/her)

    My work blends clinical counselling and music therapy. I have been training and supervising therapists in universities across Canada and through my private practice since 2007. I’m passionate about transforming lives through the therapeutic use of music.

  • Mon, July 04, 2022 3:09 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    The Power of You presents:

    ONLINE LEARNING | Endorsed by CPCA

    What Makes The Power of You stand out as a High-Quality Endorsed Certification Course Provider?

    There are a lot of available course options and it can be overwhelming to make a choice. Because you’re investing in your future, it’s crucial to carefully consider your options. Before creating this course, with you in mind, Sandy Joy thoroughly researched the available options and narrowed down the best information for you to digest in an engaging and informative manner. To ensure you can acquire new skills, to create value and advance your career. Creating the course, the team took the following factors into consideration:

    1.     Depth of curriculum: What do you learn while enrolled in the program and how does it reflect in your daily practice?

    2.     Interactive hands-on learning: Do you work on projects that are comparable to what you’d work on once you complete the course?

    3.     Program recognition: Is the program well-known and recognized?

    Based on our research using the above criteria, we are very confident you will have the best possible experience and outcome from the content of Foundations of Clinical Supervision.

    This 50-hour course meets and exceeds all of the course requirements necessary to become a Qualified Clinical Counselling Supervisor with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) and with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA).

    The Power of You created its inaugural course “Foundations of Clinical Supervision.” Accredited and endorsed by the CPCA, a convenient and affordable choice for you, the busy professional.

    About The Power of You

    The Power of You creates educational, instructor-led courses and makes them available to professionals in the helping field and beyond. Enhancing careers and further developing skill sets in the treatment settings. Proudly Canadian and endorsed by the CPCA.

    About Sandy Joy

    Registered Psychotherapist BA, (Psych.), MACP, RP, RPC, MPCC-S

    With over 20 years in the helping field, a Masters in Counselling Psychology, and four certifications in trauma therapy, I provide a safe, confidential space for supervisees to nurture positive communication and personal growth. With a passion for teaching and building competencies, I have put to work my knowledge to create this course. The course includes  diversity issues in supervision not included in other supervision courses such as assisting supervisees who work with clients who are end-of-life, co-survivors of sexual assault, and clients with diverse body sizes and diverse ages.

    My qualifications include:

          Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology

          Registered Psychotherapist – #002903

          Certified Clinical Traumatologist

          Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling – Supervisor – #3601

          Qualified Clinical Counselling Supervision

    Learning Method: Online learning with Zoom video conference supplements

    EARLY BIRD PRICING $499 Plus HST (Only $10 per Continuing Educations Credits)

    Questions? The course has a dedicated team, made of real people — not robots. We are here to provide assistance to you through all channels — just reach out and we will gladly help!

    Contact us today: [email protected]  |  +1 (855) 976-1507

    Click here to download the course flyer

    Click here to ENROL TODAY!

  • Tue, June 28, 2022 4:28 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    On Wednesday, June 1, the CRPO hosted a Stakeholders meeting for representatives from the cooperative relationships they have been building with the OSRP, CCPA, OAMHP, CAPT and OEATA.

    Summary of meeting:

    CRPO acknowledged that through the outlook of the nursing and midwifery profession, that quality of care and protection of the public involves a partnership, ongoing relationships and healthy tension between the Regulator, the Educators and the Associations in order to provide care in the best interests of clients.

    • CRPO has now surpassed 10,000 registrants (10,035 at the time of the meeting).  This is a 41% increase in overall applications and demonstrates the accelerated growth of the profession.
    • CRPO application processing timelines should be reduced to 4-6 weeks (recognized programs) or 4 months (non-recognized programs) by the end of June.
    • Ninety percent pass rate for the Entry to Practice exam (90% in ON, 91% in other provinces, 86% USA and 72% International).
    • They are currently reviewing the Clinical Supervision criteria and reduced group maximums from 12 to 8 participants as of April 2022.
    • Standards of Practice should be reviewed every five years and the Standard Review Policy may be extended to association leaders to contribute and become more involved.
    • Jurisprudence will be reviewed and updated, as it has not been since 2013 and laws, knowledge and experience have grown since the program launch.
    • Breakdown of Complaints detailed in the presentation slides, with General Conduct representing almost 42%.
    • Governance Reform Proposal: The CRPO is aiming for a 50:50 split between the Public and RP members (currently 49:51).  Term limits may be introduced and the removal of the previously considered RMHP title may be removed.
    • CRPO will continue to work remotely, with Council meetings potentially becoming hybrid starting in the fall. The exam will continue to be offered remotely.
    Click here to view the Stakeholders Meeting slides.
  • Tue, June 14, 2022 1:36 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    We are excited to announce that enrolment for the new OSRP Group Health Benefits Plan is now active! The plan start date is July 1, 2022.

    Our comprehensive and competitive new plan, through Equitable Life, will be administered online through a company called Effortless Admin. The plan contains all the benefits included in our first plan and does not require a medical examination in order to join. This makes it one of the most inclusive in our field in Ontario and will not preclude anyone with pre-existing medical conditions.

    There are two levels of coverage options: Entry and Essential. You can choose the level of coverage that is right for you and/or for you and your family. Core benefits include prescription drugs, paramedical services (including coverage for RP services), dental care, vision care, long-term disability (Essential Plan only), travel coverage, as well as life, dependent life and AD&D coverage.

    The Entry plan monthly premium is:

    • Single — $147.88
    • Family — $394.85

    The Essential plan automatically includes Long Term Disability (LTD) coverage. At $2,000 LTD* coverage, the monthly premium is:

    • Single — $199.87 + $52.14 = $252.01
    • Family — $521.68 + $52.14 = $573.82

    *To note, the LTD volume may be different, as the amount of coverage depends on your income. The maximum coverage amount that you can receive is $4,000 per month. If your income requires that you receive the maximum LTD coverage, your monthly premium for the LTD benefit will be $104.28 (instead of the $52.14 indicated above).

    The premiums, including the maximum LTD coverage, are:

    • Single — $199.87 + $104.28 = $304.15
    • Family — $521.68 + 104.28 = $625.96

    Below you will find a link to a document containing the plan details and rates. Please review the specific coverage level details, as the coverage level can only be changed every two years after the initial selection has been made. All plan information, as well as helpful webinars to learn more about the offerings and how to manage online claims, can be found on the Member Benefits page once you log in to osrp.ca

    To enrol in the plan, please contact our broker, Joanne Rose, who will start the process for you. Joanne will require the following information from you:

    • Business Name (if different than your personal name)
    • Employee (to note you are an employee of your business) Legal Name
    • DOB
    • Gender Identification
    • Hire Date – must be longer than 6 months
    • Job title
    • Salary
    • Address
    • Email address
    • Coverage — single or family
    • Plan — Entry or Essential
    • Email address

    Adonis can be contacted at
    Email: [email protected] OR
    Phone: (416) 597-5723.

  • Tue, June 14, 2022 1:19 PM | Evonne Brant (Administrator)

    The OSRP is growing and developing as an organization by and for a diverse group of RPs across Ontario. Earlier this year, we conducted a couple of terrific Q&As with some wonderful Board-curious members, during which we learned more about what kind of Board and OSRP would best serve your needs. With this growth and diversity top of mind, we intend to increase BIPoC and LGBTQ2S+ awareness and engagement at the OSRP. To do so, we need your voices.

    All members interested in learning more about joining the Board are invited to the next Q&A with Kimberly Cato, Board Chair, and Rachel Fulford, Board Member.

    DATE: Friday, September 23, 2022

    TIME: 2 p.m. EDT for one hour

    Interested parties can obtain the Zoom link by emailing [email protected]

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